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FrameVent® – Product Sets a New Standard for Deck Joist Moisture Barriers, Outmatching Currently Used Products in the Decking Construction Industry

FrameVent® is the latest product in the decking construction industry. It leads the way by providing a unique solution to wood rot that develops between joists and deck boards. This provides any deck an extended life by mitigating moisture.

    PORTLAND, OR, June 30, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Today FrameVent® announces the launch of their new innovative products, FrameVent®1 and FrameVent®2, which revolutionize moisture barrier products currently used in the decking industry. This game changing product's primary use is moisture mitigation between deck joists and decking boards, limiting wood rot. FrameVent® asserts that its products will extend the life span of any deck beyond its standard life expectancy.

"Current decking products, which are marketed to provide a moisture barrier for deck joists, only protect the top of the joist from moisture, leaving the underside of the decking boards fully susceptible to wood rot from moisture build up," says Philip Busby, President and Owner of FrameVent®. "Our products, FrameVent®1 and FrameVent®2, have unique designs that eliminate this troubling concern for customers, which is why we are excited to bring this to market." Through its patented design, FrameVent® prevents moisture build up on both points of contact, deck joist and deck board. It provides a seal on the top of the joist while also providing an air flow gap, between joists and deck boards, that allows for collected moisture to evaporate off the underside of the decking boards. FrameVent®'s unprecedented design is what leads to the extended life span of any deck.

FrameVent® has priced their products competitively, creating only a minimal increase in the cost per square foot of a deck build project. Decking builders, contractors, and DIYer's who may be assessing the price points of various decking materials, including pressure treated lumbers, specialty lumbers, and composite lumbers, can now consider using a lower cost lumber and include FrameVent® in the deck build project because of its unique abilities. The reassurance and peace of mind that FrameVent® provides is in extending the life span of the deck by limiting its exposure to wood rot, ensuring the customer's investment over time.

The decking industry should be on watch for FrameVent® products which will set the new standard for deck joist moisture barriers. It is set to make waves in the industry and is looking to become the go-to choice for builders, contractors, and DIY customers alike. For product information and purchasing options please visit

About: FrameVent® is a company that provides decking construction products, for builders, contractors, and DIYer's alike, that focus on protecting deck joists and decking boards from wood rot that originates from moisture buildup between surfaces. Proudly Made In The USA.

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