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Telehealth and Big Data can play a Major Role in Preventing Coronavirus Surges: With post-COVID Tech Sector growth, the Telehealth Market seems Here to Stay

Mobile health technology is stepping to the forefront in the battle against COVID-19 as telehealth has seen massive growth.

The GIVE mHealth app was built for infectious disease remote monitoring and has AI that alerts correlation of symptoms data for patient and doctors.

    BOSTON, MA, July 03, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With the focus on telehealth apps being used for virtual doctor appointments, several telehealth apps have added artificial intelligence and the GIVE mHealth app may be poised to lead AI aspects of remote healthcare data globally. It aims to lead AI features of patient healthcare data empowering users to receive healthcare remotely with broader detailed medical data. According to John Hopkins CEO, Dr. Paul B. Rothman, big data could turn this pandemic around.

The restrictions on telehealth are being lifted in certain states like Idaho where they had about 117,000 telehealth visits from March to May. In contrast, there were only 3,000 telehealth visits in the same period of 2019. The GIVE mHealth telemedicine solution was built with a global health committee of medical doctors and clinicians from Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health and other tech and medical experts.

The Advisory Board of the producers of GIVE mHealth – produced by start-up Generating Innovation Ventures & Enterprises (GIVE) Inc.- include Tsvi Gal -CTO of Morgan Stanley, Mark Minevich, the former Chief Technology Officer of IBM, is lead advisor for the AI of the upcoming telehealth app GIVE mHealth, and Dr. John Mattison -Chief Medical Information Officer and Assistant Medical Director of Kaiser-Permanente -$84 billion in revenue 2019- has advised the start-up over the years as the Chief Medical Technology Advisor.

The President of the telemedicine start-up GIVE Inc., Dr. Joseph Sliwkowski, the former Chief Medical Officer of Subaru motors, where he was responsible for keeping 20,000 employees healthy, believes that population health can be greatly enhanced with detailed AI in telemedicine. "It is very important to have as detailed artificial intelligence as possible at this point. For patients to be as healthy as possible, doctors need the most detailed data on patient symptoms, especially with remote care. With COVID-19, a virus that we haven't found the cure for, detailed AI is more valuable."

Using AI-focused telehealth empowering patients with health data is the DNA of the GIVE mHealth app. Having better infectious disease data improves contact monitoring needed to prevent surges, experts say. The lead infectious disease doctor for the GIVE mHealth global launch, Dr. Uzma Syed, is one of the leading COVID-19 doctors in the New York City hospital floors in several New York City hospitals who led the flattening of the curve of the virus in New York. She was the premier sponsor for the GIVE mHealth app launching workshop at Presidential Awards & Business Roundtable which included executives from over 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas and leads the assessment during the global launch.

The GIVE mHealth app enters the telehealth market with an advantage as the other apps were built for the pre-COVID-19 era. With telemedicine, the combination of telehealth and mobile health on one platform, the GIVE mHealth app arrives with its niche. With other similar stage telehealth apps in the global sector like Hellium Health raising $10 million in its Series A and another like Patientory raising $5.3 million, GIVE Inc. is positively positioned as the company enters this investment stage. The app will be available on iOS and Droid.

GIVE mHealth uses AI to make an impact in healthcare delivery and disease reduction in remote areas across the globe. The GIVE mHealth "Digital Paths to Global Health Transformation" was held by doctors from Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, and fellows at the Harvard Faculty Club. It was established to produce technological solutions to disease reduction and for bridging innovation with doctors to expand healthcare delivery. It bridges medicine, big data, technology, academia, and business to healthcare into the GIVE mHealth app.

The backgrounds of the producers of the mobile health app are from information technology, mobile technology, healthcare, artificial intelligence, medicine, business process outsourcing, education, neurosurgery, chemistry, and microbiology.

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