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Automatic Gelatin and Medicine Preparation System for Softgel Manufacturing Technology

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Joysun Automatic Smart Softgel Gelatin Melting and Medicine Preparation System.

    WENZHOU, CHINA, January 12, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Joysun Mech-Tech introduces the smart softgel manufacturing equipment for gelatin and medicine preparation. A system greatly makes the gelatin melting process and medicine mixing process easily throughout the softgel production. This automatic system uses HMI and PLC control manufacturing process, meets the requirements of pharmaceutical GMP and FDA. Assist customers in updating and improving softgel technology.

Online Medicine Loading System and Automatic Gelatin Melting System
This automatic preparation system is composed of automatic modules such as vacuum material loading, automatic temperature control, online weighing, CIP clean in place, auto deaeration and detection, and alarming. The equipment is controlled by Siemens PLC and connected to the MES system for the data collection. It realizes the goal of standard technology, data recording, process monitoring, and product traceability. Multiple formulas and multiple processes can be input into the system database in advance.

The basic parameters such as temperature, vacuum, and mixing speed are set in advance for multiple recipes and multiple processes. The most updated 'ONE FOR ALL' programmed software is built into the system to meet almost all manufacturing needs. Make the softgel production process as easy as possible by simply pressing the 'START' and 'CONFIRM' buttons on the touch screen. Check out more here.

What does Automatic Continuous Work Cover?
Automatic gelatin melting system, automatic medication system, online gelatin solution transferring tech, online medicine conveying modular, combine CIP system into gelatin and medicine tanks. Online raw material weighing and vacuum loading functions, automatic gelatin deaeration technique. Tumble dryer to final softgel final drying can save drying trays and increase production proficiency. Meet the GMP and FDA requirements.

Combining a CIP system into softgel tank cleaning.
Medicine and Gelatin Tank Cleaning
Cleaning tanks with hot water at 80°C with spray balls. After reaching the preset water level, turn on the cleaning pump, and repeat the above steps until the conductivity is qualified. Use compressed air to hot blow and dry the tank together with the pipeline. Using CIP system to upgrade manual tank cleaning mode to automatic clean in place. This is high cleaning efficiency, saving water and energy; clean the tank in cycles and wind blow tank to dry.

Joysun provides services such as plant design, technical consultation, machine crafting, engineering and installation, onsite and offsite guidance. Focus on bringing automatic working mold into softgel production.

Joysun Mech-Tech is a professional supplier and manufacturer of softgel production machine.
Offer softgel manufacturing production line which incorporates softgel encapsulation machine, tumbler dryer, gelatin melting tank, medicine mixing tank, service tank, coloring machine, drying trays as well as softgel tooling. Full technical support for softgel machine use and maintenance.

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