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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Music

ANIL UZUN comments on the effects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Music Industry.

ANIL UZUN says "Humans can improve their music capabilities with ML and AI. Musicians use the technology to grow and create new ideas."

    LIVERPOOL, January 28, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A long time musician ANIL UZUN is very content wşith the technological developments in the music industry. Artificial Intelligence has already been transforming many industries for the better. With the touch of AI many existing industries have been transformed and the betterment of the industries has led to many other benefits for the people and the industry itself. ANIL UZUN says "The businesses transformed and shaped their capabilities with AI. They also cut the unnecessary costs with automation."

But for music, what does AI mean? The services are automatized with the help of AI and there is Machine learning in music to discover in large datasets to increase efficiency. "Humans can improve their music capabilities with ML and AI. Musicians use the technology to grow and create new ideas. But exactly how will they transform their music?" he asks

Music producers, artists, songwriters have been using the AI and Ml technologies to create new notes, to produce hits and to expand their music abilities.

"The production companies have been using AI to cut costs and increase their revenue. They just cut back many mediation processes as they are releasing a new album, they automate many details with AI and they have less cost. This way the company earns more from a Lady Gaga record than it used to get back in the beginning of 2000," he adds.

To give an example Endel is a startup technology that is adopted by Warner Bros. The AI technology is used for making personalized audio tracks. ANIL UZUN says "The AI programme just examines the person's mood and helps the person to be more productive. The created tracks help people individually. They are not designed to top the charts. This can be a sign of the more individualized music products can be and also it is a sign for the new generation that music will be ruled by ML in no time."

Another great achievement of AI and ML is with the Sony Computer Science Laboratory. The laboratory created a DrumNet. "The programme generates kick drum tracks automatically by creating a neural network," he says. What does that mean? The neural network understands the rhythmic relations between the other instruments. It understands and encodes the relations in many dimensions. The relations between the kicks of the drums are encoded by bass, snare, beat, and downbeats and the programme adjusts the tempo and timing of the track based on the beats.

AI has been used to generate music for some time. It is based on analysing data in many other tracks with the help of machine learning. "In the near future it will be able to learn characteristics and patterns that make music enjoyable. Machine learning will give the power to the producers to compose new music and tracks by examining the existing hits and compose new hits by combining elements in pattern and creating unique songs. I believe that we will see hits by ML musicians in no time on the Billboard's to 100. New generation musicians are lucky that they are already in the process of AI and ML but the existing ones shall acquire technical skills along with their knowledge of music to be successful." he adds.


ANIL UZUN is a guitarist from Turkey. He was born in 1982 and has been playing musical instruments since he was a little kid. He started his professional music career in high school and he has been a renowned musician playing with many famous artists.

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