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Interactive Smart Mat, MATIV

An innovative at-home fitness service

    NEW YORK, NY, March 29, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The outbreak of the coronavirus upended our exercise routines, forcing many of us to utilise the confines of the home to maintain our daily physical activity. Often, working out in the comforts of our home environment feels even more demanding than dragging ourselves to the gym. The isolation and limited stimulation at home requires extra discipline to keep up an active routine. Despite this rapid change, there is a lack of fitness services that offer interactive workouts to mitigate the limitations we face today. Omolle Inc. provides a simple and affordable solution that you would want to take home. It offers an immersive fitness platform with the interactive mat, MATIV, which allows calisthenic workouts aided by responsive analysis and instructions.

MATIV uses its smart mat and AI algorithm to transform the banality of traditional home workouts by convening global users to exercise together in chosen fitness sessions. The smart mat tracks the user's real-time movements with nearly 40,000 sensors and combines this with the AI algorithm to assess and aid the workout. Depending on the program, the instructor's personal feedback can also be provided real-time to heighten engagement and live comparison against other users' progress drives productive competition. These features and many more exciting tools mean users can immerse in their home workouts as if their trainers and gym-buddies are with them in the same physical space.

Unlike other interactive home fitness equipment that can cost up to a few thousand dollars, MATIV's smart mat has an affordable retail value of $360. Moreover, you can get an additional 30-40% off on Kickstarter, with a complimentary year's subscription.

MATIV is built upon various calisthenic workouts including bodyweight, cardio, HIIT, Bootcamp, Tabata, Pilates, dance, kick-boxing and many other exercises that incorporate the body; it can open up an exciting new path towards a healthy lifestyle, particularly if training on treadmill or stationary bike-type cardio equipment is not your cup of tea. Besides, it goes without saying that because MATIV is a smart mat, it can be used outdoors or on holiday. On a single charge, MATIV lasts up to 120 hours (upon average 2 hours use per day).

MATIV is due to launch in mid-March on the crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter, and the official release is planned for the summer. Details can be found on Kickstarter's official website.

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