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Baltimore Property Market Promises Great

Low Interest Rates and 5-Star City Designation Driving Investment Opportunities

Realtors and Property Management experts are predicting a huge expansion in the real estate sector in and around Baltimore, MD, in 2021.

    BALTIMORE, MD, March 26, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Realtors and Property Management experts are predicting a huge expansion in the real estate sector in and around Baltimore, MD, in 2021. Industry leaders attribute this phenomenon to ultra-low interest rates and extremely investor-friendly mortgage terms.

Given these dynamics, experts predict that 2021 is primed to be a great year for Baltimore area real estate investors in general, and rental property owners in particular. Recent data on the areas property market show that homes are selling out within days of their listing, with bidders scrambling to get into the areas' market now, while home values continue to trend upward. Some Baltimore counties, including Howard, Harford, Anne Arundel and Carroll, have seen their best property performances in over seven years.

According to Bright MLS's President and CEO, Brian Donnellan, the same 2020 trend of heated demand continues into 2021:

"January kicked off 2021 with the same buyer enthusiasm we saw in the second half of 2020", Donnellan is quoted as saying to the Baltimore Sun recently.

Most analysts agree that rental values in some of the "hottest hoods" in Baltimore are also set to rise higher in the months to come. And the reasons aren't just because of fierce competition for available inventory and rising property values alone.

Baltimore recently made it into Real Wealth Network's "Top 3 places to live" list – a prestigious list of cities where individuals and families love to relocate to. With the city now beating many of its other peers across the USA, that were also vying for a coveted mention on the list, investors, home buyers and renters alike will take a close look at what Baltimore has to offer – which means a spike in rental value!

Adding fuel to the fire of rental values is the fact that there's immense immigration pressure into the region. This, along with the 5-Star rating from Real Wealth Network, means limited rental stock is likely to command premium valuation and high occupancy demand over the coming months. And the stats back that expectation.

According to RentCafe, the (average) rent for an (average) 824 sq ft apartment in Baltimore is now $1,312 a month - that's a 3% increase over last year. And for many investors that just want a safe place to make their investments grow, that ROR (3%) is more than Government Bonds or Treasuries offer… and a lot, lot, lot more than investing in Certificates of Deposits (CDs). However, higher resale and rental values depend on how well-maintained a property is.

Most property investors aren't landlords by profession, and therefore rely on professional property management companies to ensure their investments are well looked-after. According to Allan Meseroll, the owner and the president of MH Properties:

"Property owners just want their assets well-managed for longer-term value appreciation. And if it's a rental property, they want an uninterrupted, steady stream of rental income…that continues to increase each year. They don't want the hassle of dealing with compliance issues, vacant units, tenant screening, chasing delinquent rental payments or dealing with renter complaints!"

Allan Meseroll also believes that professionally-managed residential, commercial or rental properties offer better long-term net wealth appreciation - and Forbes (online) magazine agrees with that assessment. According to the world's number one source advice for building wealth:

"Excellent management also includes making sure all units in all buildings bring in the highest possible market rents as soon as those rents are obtainable."

And that suggests that, if you buy rental property in Baltimore, now might be the ideal time to do so, and an even better time to work with a professional rental property manager to ensure you're receiving best value for your investment. As Forbes succinctly puts it:

"Settling for unnecessarily low rents doesn't just hurt your profit margin in the present; it hurts your building's sale value in the future"

MH Properties is a leading Baltimore-area property management company that helps property owners, investors and renters receive value for their investments. As a Baltimore-based company, we're intimately familiar with the laws and statues governing property management and rental agreements in the region. Our company serves the whole city of Baltimore and areas 30 minutes north or south of the city, including Baltimore County. We manage a range of residential property types, including single-family homes, condos and apartments, as well as smaller commercial properties.

Our unique value proposition comes from a personalized approach to property management, which we call "Property Management Your Way!". This puts YOU, the property owner, at the center of everything we do. From finding the right tenants for your rental units, to ensuring your estates are well-maintained – inside and out – we do it all for you.

Our approach is unique because we don't offer "template" solutions – cookie-cutters just don't cut it for us. Each engagement begins with a personalized consultation, where we understand what your objectives and aspirations are of your properties. Based on that feedback, we'll design a uniquely custom-made property management plan that's made just for you.

If you would like a confidential, no obligations consultation, please feel free to reach out to us and let's get talking.

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