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The PIERCE™ Model Drives Innovation and Heightened Business Performance

From finance to retail, Saas to transportation, e-commerce to human capitol and beyond, The PIERCE™ Model offers innovative performance solutions

...simply telling someone to do something is not a meaningful solution to real business (or most any) problems that require serious attention

    ATLANTA, GA, April 06, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The innovation derived from the Performance Improvement Ethics Risk and Communication Enhancement™ Model known as The PIERCE™ Model offers global businesses an opportunity to use cutting edge principles designed to fulfill its namesake. By adhering to a series of high-level leadership and business principles that are distilled through the model, organizations can enjoy greater performance through professional development and top tier concepts that address each critical area needed for businesses to shatter expectations in performance, risk insulation, communication and overall employee engagement.

The PIERCE™ Model's Three Most Critical Tenants of Leadership.

Judgement sits at the seat of all leadership. And it is your perception that sits at the seat of all Judgement. Things like accountability, integrity, ethics, wisdom and a host of other qualities are important as well but ultimately, it is all of those attributes that form your ultimate decision or judgement on a matter. When it comes to leadership, it is your judgement that reigns supreme.

Courage to do what is right, despite the climate, internal or external pressures is what it takes to be a profoundly transcendental, innovative and just leader. To make decisions equally when there is no one behind you, the same way as if the whole world is behind you girding you every step of the way. Your judgement will always be compromised if you lack courage.

Communication. It is impossible to be a great leader and a poor communicator. Communication must be administered in a way that ensures the highest level of understanding. And by its very nature rebukes misunderstandings as a result of its content, context and delivery. Quality communication ensures positive change through action. Also, understanding highly effective, diverse and multi-tiered approaches on how to communicate effectively to varying audiences is critical to yielding results. PIERCE™ instructs us that communication is all about results. Anything else is just gibberish.

The PIERCE Model's Foundation for all heightened Communication

Patience sits at the seat of all great communication systems. No, not in contrast to a bias for action and moving with a sense of purpose which the model promotes. But in terms of a foundational approach to communication in understanding audiences, what it takes to distill critical concepts to varying audiences, understanding methodologies to properly process data and patience (which has nothing to do with moving slowly) is critical. Ultimately something as simple as listening to the totality of an issue may require, heightened patience more so than a true desire to listen.

The ability to understand that simply telling someone to do something is not a meaningful solution to real business (or most any) problems that require serious attention. Telling someone that "You have to be more accountable, be more loving, be more patient, be more detailed or you have to come to work on time" is not a comprehensive pathway to success. It is merely a tool out of many others that collectively equals a solution.

The PIERCE™ Model helps leaders and non-managers to understand that if that's all it took to have successful outcomes, then everyone would be successful and there would be no challenges in life.

Many leaders who lack the ability to effectively mitigate an issue rely solely on repetition thus repetition is often mistaken for quality instruction by leaders who promulgate re-identifying and uttering an obvious title of a problem as a solution--and then attempt to hold staff accountable when they fail as a result. For instance: "You need to start communicating more effectively, so sign here, here and here….because I've warned you three times this month to do better and you're still failing." The PIERCE™ Model helps us to understand that if that's all it took to solve problems, then they would not have the performance issue in the first place.

Improve performance and ethics, lower risk and enhance communication with The PIERCE™ Model.

Solomon Carter is the architect of The Performance Improvement Ethics Risk and Communication Enhancement™ Model known as The PIERCE™ Model. Solomon is the Executive Director of All Power in His Hands Christian Mission which is an aid organization that serves Haiti. Additionally, Solomon is the inaugural leader of the Physicians Group Practices, Patient Financial Services (PFS) Office of Professional Development at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia and Editor in Chief of The PFS Express publication. He is an expert in leadership, professional development, communication, compliance, policy, process improvement and program implementation within matrixed organizations. He is a featured author offering expertise in numerous publications frequently.

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