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Answer United Now Offers Automated & Live Absentee Services To Assist Companies With Employee Management

Answer United's Automated Absentee Reporting system simplifies absentee administration and improves efficiency

    KALAMAZOO, MI, April 21, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Answer United, a leading nationwide answering and call center service provider, now offers automated and live absentee services in an effort to serve as a better all-around solution to companies and their workforce management strategies.

"Answer United has led the nation with call center services for nearly 60 years with a goal of giving our national and local clients nothing but the very best service," says Scott Gignac, Answer United CEO. "Offering automated and live absentee services is the next step in Answer United's evolution as a company, and these services are designed to help solve a common pain point for many of our existing clients."

Employee absenteeism is defined as the absence of an employee from work. Oftentimes, these absences are frequent and characterized as habitual. But absenteeism can stem from various factors, such as illness or injury, family issues, a lack of adequate childcare option, burnout, or incompetence on behalf of the employee. Absenteeism can be difficult to track and potentially even more difficult to uncover the root cause of employee absences — and it can represent a significant productivity and financial cost for employers.

According to studies, absenteeism is estimated to cost between $2,660 and $3,500 per year, per worker. Answer United's service is estimated to cost between 3 and 5 cents per employee, per day, which can represent a significant cost savings for employers in both the short and long term.

"We've found that absenteeism is both a productivity and a cost issue for companies," continues Gignac. "One employee not showing up for work strains a businesses' entire operations, resulting in adjustments that can really impact productivity. If one employee on a line isn't there doing their job, it's going to have an impact on the entire operation. And then there's the effect on Human Resources, which must spend time investigating the matter and working with employees and their managers toward some sort of resolution. Letting us handle the employee call off helps streamline efficiency and represent cost savings while helping companies stay compliant."

Specifically, Answer United can streamline processes and reduce the time administrators and HR personnel record absences, decreasing costs and also maintaining detailed records per employee. When this absentee reporting data is utilized by our partner companies, benefits include enhanced productivity within the HR department and better compliance with calling off. The larger the company, the more it has to gain from a detailed, comprehensive absentee reporting service.

Answer United's live absentee offerings include 24/7/365 live agents, accurate absence tracking, absence reason codes, and unique case and verification codes. Other options include text and email notifications. Answer United will capture all of this data and include it in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand report that also includes customizable scripting and data capture.

How Answer United's Live Absentee Reporting Works
Answer United's live absentee reporting is a streamlined, easy-to-use process that essentially automates the process. Here's an outline of how it works:
1. Employees call Answer United's dedicated Absentee Reporting line, where they'll speak with a live agent about why they're unable or unwilling to report to work.
2. Answer United will confirm the employee's ID or badge number and ask follow-up questions to further understand the reason for their absence. This information will be stored securely as part of the call record.
3. Following the call, the employee will be given a unique verification code, which will be delivered to them either via text or email. News of the employee's absence will also be delivered to their manager or supervisor immediately after the call. This permits the manager to adjust plans or begin to find a replacement quickly.
4. Employee absenteeism reports, including call logs, are stored and can be accessed for up to 12 months.

"By allowing our experts to handle employee absenteeism and do what we do best, it allows companies to invest resources in the tasks that they do best," says Gignac. "We've already rolled out this service with some of the biggest companies, corporations and universities around the country, and the feedback we've received has all been very positive."

In addition to cost and productivity benefits, other benefits include reduced grievances and support compliance, creating better overall employee morale and eliminating disputes. And being that Answer United's services are available 24/7, there isn't a time of day where absences can't be recorded and reported out to managers and supervisors.

"If you don't think the live absentee reporting service is for you, we also offer an automated one," continues Gignac. "It works similar to our live reporting system in how we capture data, except instead of talking to a call agent, the employee is entering information in response to an automated recording. It's still a highly effective option that can help companies streamline absence reporting and increase productivity."

For more information on Answer United's employee call off services and to see the true value proposition of allowing our experts to handle this important task, visit today or contact us at 1-800-937-5900.

Answer United is the nation's premiere call center service provider, specializing in 24/7 answering services and both live and automated absentee reporting. With nearly 60 years of experience, we partner with companies ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to freelance home offices. With a mission to give our clients the best service possible, we strive to meet the individual needs of each of our partners and cater a call center service plan to their unique needs and requirements. Our agents are experienced professionals, and we invest in their careers and futures by providing continuous training opportunities, a generous compensation package and state-of-the-art working equipment. For more information on Answer United, visit, contact us at 1-800-937-5900, or visit us on Facebook (/AnswerUnited) or LinkedIn (Answer-United).

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