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"...we were shocked to learn how many of them were receiving generic financial planning..."

    ASHBURN, VA, April 23, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Jon Peyton, Co-Founder of Horizon Ridge Wealth Management, announces the launch of C-Suite Planning™ and Different Investments™. "C- Suite Planning™ will become the first of two evolutionary steps in our journey at Horizon Ridge Wealth Management," said Jon. He went on to say, "For almost five years we have worked closely with some amazing entrepreneur and executive families; and during that time we came to realize many clients in these groups can be better served."

Jon explained, C-Suite Planning™ was created specifically to help business owners delegate their personal financial planning needs to highly qualified financial experts. While the entrepreneur is focused on building and managing their business the team at C-Suite Planning™ - which includes a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Chartered Special Needs Consultant and Certified Exit Planning Advisor - will focus on helping entrepreneurs manage their finances, extract resources from their business without directly diluting the business's value, and ensuring their family is protected throughout the process.

Additionally, similar to how C-Suite Planning™ supports business owners with personal financial planning needs, their firm has customized their processes to fit the needs of executive clients as well. To accomplish this they created two sets of proprietary processes. The first is for the entrepreneur and their family while the second is for the executive and their family. Both use a version of what he calls their Pillar Planning Process™. This proprietary process allows their team to create a unique experience for each client and tailor the advice for a client's particular needs. "No longer will our executive clients have to wonder how to manage their vesting stock options, calculate their financial plan's required rate of return, manage tomorrow's tax bill, or how to build and protect their families wealth using generic financial planning solutions," said Jon.

If their specialized approach for entrepreneurs and executives was not enough, C-Suite Planning™ takes specialized planning to another level by supporting their clients in the following underserved areas:

Executive Financial Planning
Exit Planning
Divorce Financial Planning
Special Needs Financial Planning

"When we started working with more senior executives and experienced entrepreneurs we were shocked to learn how many of them were receiving generic financial planning by their current advisors. Sometimes it was due to the advisor's inexperience, other times it was due to the advisor's company prohibiting them from providing advice in these areas, and in other instances the advisor was only paid on investment management services - not financial planning advice," said Jon. He further explained, "There should be no excuse for receiving bad advice and even less if you, the advisor, know your client would be better served by someone else. There have been plenty of times I let prospective clients know that our firm is not an appropriate fit and I have attempted to direct them to better fitting solutions or firms."

To provide specialized planning services to entrepreneurs and executives requires a level of time, expertise, and commitment that is difficult to offer when one advisor serves hundreds, or even thousands, of clients. For example, if an advisor works with 500 clients and attempts to meet with each of them only four times per year, assuming a 60 minute meeting, the advisor would allocate 2000 hours a year (or approximately 40 hours per week) just to meetings. Add in time for service work, research, training, or even lunch and the advisor could work 2,500+ hours a year, which is unrealistic. This begs the question "Are you comfortable with receiving less guidance, or support, from your advisor while continuing to pay a similar asset management fee?"

It is for this reason that C-Suite Planning™ limits each planner to working with up to 75 on-going client relationships. "Based on the 10-15 hours of planning work we invest into each of our Pillar engagements (or up to 90 hours for all six Pillar engagements) each year we realized we would be over extending the team if planners worked with more than 75 on-going client relationships. Limiting our planners to 75 engagements has proven to management that we can provide superior service, advice, and attention to detail," said Jon.

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About C-Suite Planning™:

C-Suite Planning™ is a registered trade name of Horizon Ridge Wealth Management LLC. Horizon Ridge Wealth Management specializes in executive financial planning, exit planning, divorce financial planning, and special needs financial planning. Our clients are successful entrepreneurs, executives, and their family members.

Jon Peyton is a Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, and thought-leader with experience across the financial services, publishing, and exit planning industries. His broad areas of expertise includes personal and corporate finance; product development and management; personal financial planning and implementation; research and industry analytics; and professional partnerships. Additionally, for almost two decades he has helped clients create financial planning, wealth management and asset preservation strategies. During that time Jon helped thousands of households and has advised on hundreds of millions of dollars.

Financial Planning and Investment Advice offered through Horizon Ridge Wealth Management LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor - doing business as C-Suite Planning™ & Different Investments™

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