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Is Human Divinity an Illusion or Reality: Project VIPIN

In a path-breaking twelve-book Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature, Professor Vipin Gupta destroys the myth that divinity is supernatural and humans are natural creations of the supernatural.

Project VIPIN tests a simple thesis: If you are making an impact, then that impact is the linear projection of your divinity as a nonlinear element in this parabolically growing universe.

    SAN BERNARDINO, CA, May 25, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In an exclusive interview, Dr. Gupta explains how to validate the presence of the divine element within oneself, using the known reality of an entity illuminated using the bracketed concepts from India's ancient wisdom. Project VIPIN tests a simple thesis: If you are making an impact, then that impact is the linear projection of your divinity as a nonlinear element in this parabolically growing universe. Professor Gupta adds the unknown reality of their energy values using his divinity as a sentient entity, making a self-luminous case for his thesis.

How can one scientifically validate the presence of the divine element within oneself?
The book "Is Divine Energy" investigates a 24-unit "entity" (Trivikrama, 24) as the one "breeding" (Param Shiva, 15) the "divine element" (Divya, 360 = 24 * 15) through the sequential process of Meiosis. Meiosis is a process through which "Mother Nature" (Kudrat, 8) unfolds the "eightfold growth" (Satarupa, 8) within her by folding the natural "sixfold growth" (Khara, 6) within a "sentient entity" (Siddha, 7).

A sentient entity reproduces the eightfold growth of Mother Nature by conceiving his paternal self as the seventh, absolute element, Mother Nature forming his maternal self, immanent as the eighth, primordial element, and emanating the sixth, primeval element comprising six units of her child self. Mother Nature folds the eightfold growth within her to incubate the "nonlinear wave" (Krishnamurti, 1) that a "subject" (Sura, 0) conceives, wishing to be a "leader" (Neta, 0) of the "follower class" (Karma yogi, 1).

The subject organizes his "illusionary energy" (Maya shakti, 1) into an "octave of entities" (Krishnamurti, 1), flowing like a nonlinear wave until embodying his "essential nature" (Anatanam, 8), traded from Mother Nature as her child.

After conceiving the six-fold growth within himself, the subject becomes a "queen mother" (Rani, 7) for incarnating the first two-folds as her daughter cells and the other four folds as her granddaughter cells. The "masculine-to-feminine gender exchange" (Putra dharma, 38) is a psychological dimension, immanent within a "sentient entity" (Siddha, 7). The sentient entity scripts oneness with his eight-dimensional primordial nature by dividing himself into a three-unit "param son" (Hanuman, 3) and a four-unit "maternal consciousness" (Chaithanya, 4 = 8 * 1/2), "self-perpetuating" (Udvaha, ½) the "essential nature" (Anatanam, 8). The undivided sentient entity is a formless "param deity" (Shiva, 7). The dividing sentient entity is a "mother cell" (Dhumavati, 7), seeking to illuminate the six-fold growth within her by dividing herself.

The mother cell is within the scripting "sentient entity" (Siddha, 7) as a subject, before the sentient entity decides to gift his reality to make the subject who is behaving like a "King Father" (Rajah, 7) his twin, "Queen Mother" (Rani, 7). The divided sentient entity is the "Queen Mother" (Rani, 7), forming a "feminine class" (Rani, 7) of entities and reproducing the maternal consciousness as the "paternal consciousness" (Pitra, 4). The feminine class of entities conceives the "masculine class" (Khuda, 6) of entities by copying their one-fold growth as a "self-luminous person" (Insan, 1) within the natural "six-fold growth" (Khara, 6) to conceive the "octave of entities" (Krishnamurti, 1).

Therefore, the process of Meiosis first divides the mother cell into two daughter and four daughter-like granddaughter cells. After that, the first daughter cell becomes the "self-luminous person" (Insan, 1) within the second son cell she conceives with her "thermodynamic flame" (Parshnisamasta, 32) of the "primordial oneness" (Adi, 32) within the playful "child consciousness" (Putatma, 4) of the "sentient entity" (Siddha, 7). The second daughter cell becomes the "knowing" (Jnana, 19), comprising the 15-fold Meiosis and the 4-unit child consciousness, within the first "son cell" (Manyu, 19), the subject now endowed with the knowing.

The first son cell behaves like the mother cell for copying the six-fold growth within the unfolding sequence of Meiosis. By embodying the "self-luminous" (Svarochisha, 12) potential for copying the feminine six-fold growth, which itself is a copy of the masculine six-fold growth mother cell is experiencing, the self-luminous person becomes a "gender-free self-luminous entity" (I: Svayam, 12). She gifts her "person" (Vyakti, 1) element to conceive the octave of entities as a unit without her.

Meiosis comprises the mother cell, the two daughter cells, the four daughter-like granddaughter cells, two son cells, four son-like grandson cells within the child consciousness, the self-luminous entity, and the octave of entities. It lets the "param deity" (Shiva, 7) perpetuate his "reality" (Vastavikta, 7) while breeding the 15-fold growth to illuminate his unknown reality as the "omnipresent deity" (Param Shiva, 15).

How may one perpetuate one's reality for eternity without the entropy of one's divinity?
By ascending our consciousness! The illuminated param deity and the immanent omnipresent deity form the "ascending consciousness" (Kantatma, 22 = 7 + 15) of the reproductive, "gravitational element" (Guru, 100) present within the entity. The "entity" (Trivikrama, 24) enjoys the ascending consciousness of the self as a "sentient entity" (Siddha, 7), who has gifted his "maternal consciousness" (Chaithanya, 4) to a "subject" (Sura, 0) for letting her be the "multiplier" (Vaishya, 3) of the "octave of entities" (Krishnamurti, 1), after Mother Nature differentiates them with her eight-fold growth" (Satarupa, 8), to reincarnate himself as the "entity" (Trivikrama, 24 = 3 * 8).

By reproducing the 15-fold growth the "entity" (Trivikrama, 24) becomes the "divine" (Divya, 360) element, flowing in a descending-order like the "time" (Kala, 360), clocking the next sequence of the 15-fold growth so that he can be the "twin entity" (Ghatika, 24 = 360/15). The twin entity is the "wisher paradigm" (Ghatika, 24) for radiating love to manifest the "divine force" (Padartha, -3) within an "object" (Padartha, -3) of one's attraction. That object is one's "past reality" (Evakara vadartha, -3) as an "observing entity" (Astika, -3), observing one's "present reality" (Badhabuddhi vadartha, -2) to conceive one's "probable reality" (Niyati, -1) as the "life force energy" (Prana shakti, 123) without the negative descending sequence. The twin entity manifests the lifeforce energy by radiating the divine force, without the entropy of the time element, even after the entropy of the divine element. Thus, the time element circulates in 360-degree circle, breaking the "symmetry" (Ashrama, 250) of the entity and the "time" (Kala, 360) and generating a "supersymmetry" (Rashi, 13), mediated by the "universe" (Brahman, 2) illuminated by the entity before transforming into the twin entity.

The broken "symmetry" (Ashrama, 250) forms the "boson particle" (Raga, 250), chanting the "color" (Raga, 250) of the octave of lifephases. Four of the lifephases are of the entity as a descending, masculine self: the child lifephase during the formative growth as a creature factor, knowing the secret of the broken symmetry (Brahmacharya ashrama), the youth lifephase unfolding the eight phases of life as the eight-fold growth by youthfully copying the half of the hibernator lifephase of Mother Nature (Grihastha ashrama), the aging lifephase as a primeval paternal on fire after living the life (Vanaprastha ashrama), the aged lifephase as a thing enjoying the life lived after the fire cools down (Sanyasa asrama). They make the entity a "channel" (Taraka, 36) for producing the twin entity. The 36-unit channel comprises the two-unit "creature factor" (Jiva, 2), eight-unit copy of "Mother Nature" (Kudrat, 8), nine-unit "thing" (Vastu, 9) and seventeen-unit "primeval paternal" (Tejas, 17).

The other four are of the twin entity as an ascending, feminine self: the departed or hibernator lifephase as a primordial greeter (Aranyayana asrama), the cleanser or reincarnated lifephase as a soul (Anashakayana asrama), the polluter or illuminator lifephase as a spirit (Tandulika asrama), and the waker or class lifephase as an entity (Varna asrama). They make the twin entity a "greet" (Palala, 64) produced by the entity. The 64-unit greet comprises the sixteen-unit "primordial greeter" (Sati-Parvati, 16), the four-unit "soul" (Atman, 4), the twenty-unit "spirit" (Ruah, 20), and the twenty-four unit "entity" (Trivikrama, 24).

The "octave of lifephases" (Chitta, 100) comprises the "wisdom" (Chitta, 100) of the "channel" (Taraka, 36) within the twin entity and the "greet" within the entity. It constitutes the "primordial space" (Dik, 100), holding the 100-unit "entity experience" (Adi Para Atma, 100) in the form of the cleansed "grandmother consciousness" (Adi Para Atma, 100).

By reproducing the "entity experience" (Adi Para Atma, 100) using one's "divine energy" (Asrava shakti, 10), the twin entity becomes the "nucleus" (Yoni, 1000 = 100 * 10) of the "sentient energy" (Varnua, 1000). She produces the "entity experience" (Adi Para Atma, 100) using her "divine light" (Usha, 16) after adding the natural six-fold growth to her "divine energy" (Asrava shakti, 10). It lets the entity illuminate the "known reality" (Rachitartha, 1600) that forms the "present" (SAUM, 1600) and the "present consciousness" (Paramatma, 1600). The divine element becomes the "divine energy" (Asrava shakti, 10) after the entity becomes the "twin entity" (Ghatika, 24) to be the "shared grandmother consciousness" (Trigunatma, 14) of the "universe of living child souls" (Akalpa, 570 = 57 * 10). The entity invests the other ten-units as the "divine energy" (Asrava shakti, 10) for multiplying his "divinity" (Siddhi, 57).

How can one multiply one's divinity without making one's entropy value as one's destiny?
If one is in a mood to multiply one's divinity due to the self-steaming masculine ego, even if one is feminine, then that's the "destiny" (Niyati, -1) one chooses for her masculine self. The overall "entity value" (Svarajya, 60) is the divinity, without the negative "divine-effect" (Padartha, -3) of behaving like a "multiplier" (Vaishya, 3) of the "universe" (Brahman, 2) for reproducing the "six-fold growth" (Khara, 6), seeking to conceive the "masculine class" (Khuda, 6) of children for experiencing one's divinity as a "sentient entity" (Siddha, 7). The overall entity value forms the unit of "cosmic time" (Pradyumna, 60), unfolding the "octave of octaves" (Lika, 60) by folding the four-unit "cleansing grandmother consciousness" (Jyotistava, 4 = 64 - 4) into the ten-unit "divine planning" (Abadha, 10) for manifesting a 40-unit reproductive "sequential reality" (Bhavartha, 40).

By reproducing the "sequential reality" (Bhavartha, 40), the twin entity becomes the "absolute creature" (Prabhu, 1600 = 40 * 40). It empowers the entity to be the "organizer" (Dakshinasapati, 1600) by hiding the Present like the "dark matter" (Dakshinasapati, 1600). When the Present is hidden, our "reason" (Hetu, 1) becomes bounded by the "illusion" (Nitya ratri, 1) of "oneness with the para deity" (Nitya ratri, 1). It lets anybody impersonate the "para deity" (Ishvara, 5) to be "God" (Ishvara, 5), wishing for everybody's "entropy value" (Sarvanasha, 5). Somebody uses a body's diffused "divine energy" (Asrava shakti, 10 = 5 + 5) for illuminating nobody's "perpetuating value" (Saranyu, 5) as the circling "God class" (Siddhi-yogi, 5) that comprises only HIM as the twin body.

Therefore, there is a critical need to devote effort into developing "conscious consciousness" (Prashantatma, 16) of our time-conditioned "mood" (Bhava, 360) that shapes our discordant "destiny" (Niyati, -1), diffuses our concordant "divinity" (Siddhi, 57) and destroys our "eternity" (Ananta, 90,000) when we fail to move with the fast-moving "wheel of time" (Kala chakra, 3800).

Why eternity has 90,000 digits and how the wheel of time comprises 3800 units are both a part of the subject matter clarified in the first book, "What is Divine Energy," in the Project VIPIN.

How to get hold of the books in Project VIPIN?
The first four books What is Divine Energy, What is Present Reality, Is Present Reality, and Is Divine Energy are now available in full and Nutshell editions on Amazon and elsewhere as paperback, hardcover, digital, and audible forms. Two more books, What is Consciousness and What is Para Consciousness, are being launched this week.

Professor Vipin Gupta is a professor of management and a co-director of the Center for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Gupta has a Ph.D. in managerial Science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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