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Trip Tiger Launches New Service to Advocate for Air Travelers Who Have Experienced Operational and Service Failures

Drawing on many years in airline industry, Trip Tiger advocates handle traveler issues from inception to resolution, including assessing offers of compensation

Trip Tiger offers professional advocacy to air travelers who have experienced service or operational issues through its website

    FORT WORTH, TX, October 11, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The team of industry veterans who founded Trip Tiger believe that help from an airline industry insider is the best way to increase the probability that travelers who have had a bad flying experience will be heard and will receive fair compensation when it is warranted.

Trip Tiger's founders have decades of experience at flagship carriers in nearly every aspect of the airline industry, including supervising front-line service employees, managing back office customer service teams, and handling service or operational complaints escalated to executives or expressed on social media.

"It isn't always easy for an air traveler to find the right place to lodge a complaint or to get that issue heard and responded to by the airline," said Trip Tiger Managing Partner Cliff Eiland. "You would think that the right contact details would pop up in the first or second position in Google, but that isn't always how it works," said Eiland.

"Even when a traveler reaches the right group at the airline, he or she may not get their desired resolution because the issues are not framed the right way or are not fully documented by the traveler," said Eiland. "In addition, even when the airline offers compensation, it can be hard for travelers to know whether the offer is fair, based on what airlines typically offer to other travelers in similar cases," added Eiland.

Eiland and his team decided to launch Trip Tiger to help travelers resolve travel issues with minimum hassle and get compensation when it is warranted. According to Eiland, the new service is designed to help travelers resolve service issues after the fact rather than in real time.

"In resolving service and operational issues, in many cases, airline customer service representatives have some level of discretion. Having an advocate who understands how the airline industry works from the inside and what the service rep needs from the traveler to approve compensation goes a long way toward getting the traveler what he or she deserves and ensuring that their complaint is heard," said Eiland.

Trip Tiger provides services for a flat $30 fee. To use Trip Tiger, a traveler submits the issue or issues through the secure Trip Tiger web site ( A Trip Tiger rep will then assess the issue, set expectations with the traveler, help guide the traveler to gather any required documentation and then will handle the back and forth with the airline on behalf of the customer.

Although airlines offer compensation to travelers in many situations, in most cases they have discretion as to whether they do so. Trip Tiger cannot guarantee that every traveler who uses its service will receive compensation from the airline. "Not all successful resolutions result in compensation," said Eiland. "In some cases, rather than compensation, a successful resolution may simply be an apology or acknowledgement of wrong doing from the airline and a commitment to take corrective steps, such as changing policy, educating employees, etc." Whether the resolution includes compensation or not, Trip Tiger backs its traveler advocacy service with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

As an optional add on service, Trip Tiger will complete all the necessary paperwork to make a formal air travel service complaint with the Department of Transportation (DOT) for $10. "Most of the airline quality rankings use DOT data, and airline employee performance pay is often tied to those benchmarks, so travelers have good reason to file a DOT complaint when an airline fails to live up to their end of the bargain."

In addition to customer advocacy, the experts at Trip Tiger also offer up a blog where they share tips and tricks to help take the friction out of air travel.

Although Trip Tiger's primary focus is helping air travelers, they help the airlines in several ways as well. "Giving the airline CSR everything he or she needs to resolve the traveler's issue at the first point of contact and presenting the issues objectively makes getting to a win-win resolution easier for everybody," said Eiland.

To learn more about Trip Tiger or to hire Trip Tiger's advocates to resolve an issue on your behalf, visit

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Trip Tiger ( offers professional advocacy to air travelers who have experienced service or operational issues through its website The Trip Tiger service includes an experienced airline professional's assessment of the traveler's issue, handling of all interactions with the airline to resolve it, as well as assistance assessing any offer of compensation from the airline. Trip Tiger reps can also file a formal air traveler service complaint with the Department of Transportation on behalf of their clients.

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