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Stars are Aligning for the Hollywood Apes NFT

This massive NFT project supported by NFL and NCAA Athletes and Pro MMA fighter @saintlion predicted to blow up NFT world with mega returns.

Trending right now is the fresh Hollywood Apes NFT collection, poised to outdo Bored Apes.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, December 01, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Hollywood Apes, a massive NFT project supported by a group of NFL and NCAA athletes and Pro MMA fighter @saintlion, is predicted to blow up the NFT world with mega returns. These are official Hollywood NFT holder celebrities in the Hollywood Apes Discord Community. Trending Hollywood Apes NFT collection, poised to outdo Bored Apes, offers a Discord Community which exclusive channels, such as The Green Room, where all the real celebrities can hang out. Those VIP Hollywood Apes NFT Holders have exclusive access to the VIP areas as well as a "backstage pass" to visit and hangout with celebrities in the Green Room. They opened their Discord channel with free Mystery Ape Giveaways. Focused on community building, the Hollywood Apes project offers $100,000+ in rewards, donations & community support throughout their minting roadmap, part of which is their minting launch day that they playfully refer to as their "Awards Night Ceremony".

Hollywood Apes is a Collection of 10,000 100% hand-drawn, 1/1 unique NFTs stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. No mint limit & up to 20 NFTs per transaction. The full collection launches December 15, 2021.

Hollywood Apes is a long-term project that is community and world building centric. Owning a Hollywood Ape puts holders on the list to get into the Awards Night After-Parties in their "Metaverse At Night" Project: "Hollywood at Night".

The collection is designed for rarity. 21 Hollywood Apes in the collection have VIP status, which is denoted by a VIP logo in the bottom left corner. This gives holders exclusive access to VIP areas within the Hollywood Apes Discord community and metaverse project. VIPs also have a "backstage pass" to to the Greenroom where all the real celebrities hang out. There are only 3 ways to acquire the VIP NFTs: 9 by Auction, 3 by Giveaway, and 9 by Award-Winning through the Mystery Ape Reveal.

First is by Opportunity.
9 Pre-minted VIP Hollywood Apes went on Auction on OpenSea. The auction closed Cyber Monday. This was a special opportunity for their early supporters to acquire a VIP Hollywood Apes with Hollywood Apes celebrity status for a great price. 7 VIPs sold for .2 ETH through .45 ETH. The remaining 2 VIP Apes will be auctioned off after minting begins.

Second is by Skill. 3 VIP Hollywood Apes will be given away in a contest once 20% of the NFTs have been minted.

Third is by Chance. 9 VIP Hollywood Apes are the Golden Award Winning NFTs. At the Mystery Ape Reveal, if a holder ends up with one of these rare Award-Winning Hollywood Apes, they not only have VIP access in their Hollywood Apes community with benefits and perks, but also once 80% of the NFTs have minted, the holder receives $8k in their "$8K for 8K PROMO". In addition to this, they receive VIP status in their upcoming metaverse project: Metaverse At Night (coming soon after sell-out)

When interviewing the Managing Partners we asked, "Why are there three different ways to acquire a VIP Hollywood Ape, instead of just listing then for a price?" Boss Lady responded, "Earning celebrity status is often by opportunity, skill, or chance. We provide those three options in our Hollywood Apes community."

Interviewer: Are these real celebrities?
Response: Absolutely not. These are NFT apes in a VR world, not people. Hollywood Apes are 100% unique hand-drawn fictional transformative works of art. All art is subject to interpretation. These are fictional apes, exclusive to our parallel world. Our NFT art collection is artistic in nature, and not of this world, and their status as celebrities or VIP only is derived from our VR metaverse world that is in no way associated with this world.

Interviewer: What sets you apart for all the other NFT collections out there?
Response: Not only do we offer 100% unique, 1/1 authentic hand-drawn NFTs, we have designed a collection to create demand through high exclusivity. Only 21 VIPs are available for purchase in the Hollywood Ape Collection. Our limited number of exclusive VIP unique NFTs is designed to hold value and create demand.

Also, we are NOT "Lone Rangering" it out here in the NFT Wild West. There is strength in numbers, which is why we have put together a large team of professionals to handle growth and expansion. We have highly experienced digital artists & developers with expertise in the areas of 2D, 3D, and 4D animation, design, and modeling. As well as VR development utilizing Character Creator and Unreal Engine.

We are a group of eclectic, geeky creatives that see the world a little differently. We see what could be and work tirelessly to get there. We're a weird combo of over-achievers and daydreamers. If you get that, join us. We are a diverse community that supports and celebrates everyone.

We are not just kids out there winging it! We are responsible for the success of this project. Therefore, we have contracts for every aspect of development. Lastly, our focus is building a strong foundation. As owners, partners, stakeholders, and all other participants in this project, we are committed to growth and expansion, and have built a strong foundation to weather storms and time.

What will the future look like for the Hollywood Apes? Hollywood Apes NFTs will also have access to their project Metaverse At Night: Hollywood At Night. Just like the real life Awards Night, it's all about the after-parties. This VR take on the star-studded city will have exclusive clubs and events only open to Hollywood Apes NFT holders. Holders using their Hollywood Ape as their avatar in the virtual reality world will have access to the post-award show after-parties which is where the fun really begins.

Hollywood at Night gives NFT holders exclusive access to two various clubs where they can mix and mingle with other, plus one VIP area. Holders will be able to chat with other holders and experience the best version of Hollywood nightlife no matter where they are in the world. Owning a Hollywood Ape NFT puts the holder on the best guest list ever.

A teaser trailer of the "Hollywood at Night" is available on their Discord channel.

Hollywood Apes welcomes the digital nomads. Their Motto is, "Be Unique, Own Results, Join Forces, Work Fearlessly, and Live Passionately."

For more information, check out the Hollywood Apes Discord:


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Metaverse At Night: Hollywood At Night. It’s All About the After-Parties. This VR take on the star-studded city will have exclusive clubs and events ONLY open to Hollywood Apes NFT holders.