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Harbour Point Publishing announces the release of "Revelations" Book Two, and "Megiddo", Book Three, in The Sainted Trilogy

A new poll compares belief in modern-day Satan goes from non-believers in the devil to true believers over the past decade.

"Barna Group published the results of comparative polls taken from 2009 to 2021--the poll showed that we have transcended from non-believers in Satan's existence to believers in a modern-day Satan."

    LOS ANGELES, CA, February 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Harbour Point Publishing announces the release of the second and third books in The Sainted Trilogy series titled "Revelations", and "Megiddo" by author Michael Medico. "Revelations" and "Megiddo" are the highly anticipated Book Two and Book Three in the series and follow up to the exciting Book One, "Evil Awaits." The Sainted Trilogy is a supernatural suspense thriller and love story where Chris Pella, the lead character, holds a secret he has kept since childhood; he can communicate with The Sainted. Through vivid, sometimes frightening visions, Chris is transported back in time where he learns teachings from the men and women who, over the centuries, would become blessed icons of the Catholic Church.

Michael Medico considers why the series has gained popularity with readers of novels written in these various genres. "I think it stems from the seamless interweaving of the elements including supernatural interactions and the suspense that this creates, as well as the love story that evolves between the two main characters. Another of the prominent themes in the series is the eternal struggle between good and evil."

Medico continues, "I read with interest that The Barna Group published the results of comparative polls taken from 2009 to 2021. The significant findings of their poll show that Americans have transcended from non-believers in Satan's existence to complete acceptance by the majority that modern-day Satan is among us."

In the Sainted Trilogy, readers are introduced to Satan in human form, Julian, who wreaks havoc in his never-ending quest for the souls of men and women, and with the present-day evil we humans are confronting every day, there is much we have to fear."

Medico has been very pleased with the reaction he has received from the readers of book one of The Sainted Trilogy. "Since the release of Evil Awaits, I have numerous communications where readers have asked when the second book, "Revelations" and the final book in the series, "Megiddo" were going to be released. It seems that readers are anxious to find out what happened to the characters and the events they encounter as they have formed a close affinity with them. The response has been from people of all denominations, layman to clergy and it's been quite gratifying; simply everyone loves a suspense thriller."

With the release "Megiddo", all three books are now available via retail and online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other online retailers.

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Michael was born in New York City where he attended Power Memorial Academy. After graduation, Mike joined the US Navy and served stateside during the Viet Nam War. He was honorably discharged from the service and attended Pace University graduating with a BA in Marketing and Advertising.

Michael started his career in advertising and advanced to hold a senior management position at an agency that specialized in music and entertainment marketing. In 1980 he founded E+M Advertising that specialized in direct response and for 35 years Mike helped both advertisers and agencies develop direct to consumer marketing campaigns. Over the years, among E+M's clients were Telebrands, Arista Records, Parker Brothers, Showtime Home Video, BMG, Tracfone, Applica/Salton, Novartis, 1-800 Flowers, SONY, HealthNet, Buena Vista Home Video, Blue Cross of CA, AZ and WA, MEDA Consumer Pharma, Save the Children and many others. Mike has been featured on the cover of the trade publication, Response and written numerous articles published in various trade journals.

Michael was also awarded a triple platinum album by Arista for his agency's participation in the marketing of the "Ultimate Music" collections. He has been a featured participant on many panel discussions and industry workshops.

Michael has founded Harbour Point Publishing to develop and distribute the novels he has written. He is a current partner in Coast-to-Coast Fulfillment, a successful Rhode Island logistics and fulfillment operation. Past business partnerships included E&M Media Group; a customer acquisition direct marketing agency and Alliance Media Partners, an ad sales company servicing cable and digital networks.

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