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Bill Smith: Ideals And Benefits Of Servant Leadership

Bill Smith talks about servant leadership and its benefits.

    ATLANTA, GA, April 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Servant leaders are groundbreaking people. They turn the established power and leadership model on its head. In a business context, the people or employees are at the pinnacle of this new hierarchical order, with the leader at the very bottom, responsible for serving the staff members above them.

This is because servant leaders have a service-first attitude and are committed to supporting and elevating those at the bottom who work for them. They serve rather than command, exemplify humility rather than exert authority, and are consistently looking for ways to improve the development of employees in contexts that unleash potential, innovation, and a purpose in life.

Experts frequently describe the large percentage of traditional industry leaders as management staff who primarily serve as transaction-oriented overseers: The workforce meets desired objectives in return for pay and perks. These managers, in general, are positional figureheads who draw authority purely from the essence that they are bosses.

The servant leader goes much further than transaction-oriented management and consciously strives to create and harmonize an employee's purpose in life with the organization's goals.

According to servant leadership proponents, the fruits of this hard work are plentiful. Staff who are motivated are likely to post great performances and are highly innovative. Employees are more engaged and driven by a higher purpose, which improves employee retention and brings down turnover costs. Staff who are trained and dependable keep developing as potential leaders, thereby guaranteeing the organization's long-term survival.

According to experts, a few factors must take place in order to recoup these advantages. Servant leadership begins with a selfless mindset. If a leader harbors egoistic motivations, they may not become an effective servant leader. Servant leadership is less about the leader and more about the people.

Further to that, the organization must uphold a corporate culture in which this leadership style can flourish. There are patterns of behavior that servant leaders must portray continuously. Leaders can speak whatever they want, but it's essential to keep in mind that they will be appraised based on their actions. For the servant leader, conduct is not only about what gets accomplished but also about how people do it.

Bill Smith has been in business and leadership for as long as he can remember. At a young age, Bill Smith would handle shifts at the family business, Royal Cup Coffee. Nothing was too menial for Bill Smith. He was in the factory, in distribution centers, on the sales routes, and ultimately at the helm of Royal Cup Coffee.

Throughout his time at the company, Bill Smith has known what it means to be a servant leader. Today as the founder and CEO of Double Iron Consulting, Bill Smith is helping businesses surmount hurdles such as leadership issues, succession, change management, and strategy. Most importantly, he still holds to the ideal of servant leadership.

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