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MBenzGram (MB Gram) Explains the Key to Keeping Prices Low

MbenzGram stands out from its competition as they provide innovative ways to keep the costs of their performance parts down for consumers.

    SACRAMENTO, CA, April 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Pricing for parts that car owners and enthusiasts are looking for can get very expensive. Anyone looking to buy online or in-person understands that. MbenzGram (MB Gram), a company that's been in business for close to a decade, has constantly been known as one of the cheapest options for shoppers.

How are they able to keep prices lower than nearly all their competitors? They decided early on after launch that they would never get in the business of selling on Amazon and similar websites. While this seems unconventional compared to most competitors, it's a way to discount most products by 10% to 15% without missing out on revenue.

Shoppers have become very accustomed to only going to the same few websites for everything. Amazon and eBay are two other companies that sell millions and millions of products, but they don't specialize in niche products like some companies. Bypassing these stores and paying for products directly to a company will eliminate the middleman. It helps out both parties in the end.

A common retort from Amazon and eBay shoppers is that they only buy there because of fast shipping and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Going off of MB Gram's website and their guarantee online, they provide free shipping in the United States for any products over $200. They ship with UPS, FedEx, and DHL, depending on whatever is fastest to a destination.

There's also a chance to make returns or exchanges for any reason within a specific timeframe. This ensures that people get exactly what they need, and it fits as it should. There is usually a shipping fee with a return, but the same goes for any company selling heavier, bulkier products.

What's worked for MbenzGram in the past seems like their biggest path to success moving forward. They have a dedicated base of buyers who have stayed very loyal, and they continue to entice new shoppers with their pricing. Reviews online remain solid, which is another huge selling point.

MB Gram encourages their customers to share their projects and stay connected through social media, more than just an online shop. It's a niche community with people from all walks of life sharing a passion through an online forum. For more information on products, news, and more, their official website is

The website MbenzGram was launched in 2013 as a marketing and social network for car enthusiasts worldwide. All car enthusiasts are welcomed. They encourage anyone with a passion for DNA motorsports and racing to join their community and stay connected at all times.

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