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How IT is Outsourcing Growing Globally?

The outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, there has been a surge in demand for IT outsourcing. Many firms are choosing to outsource IT services to stay competitive, owing to increasing digitization, a continuous tech skills shortage.

    NEW YORK, NY, May 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, there has been a surge in demand for IT outsourcing. Many firms are choosing to outsource IT services to stay competitive, owing to increasing digitization, a continuous tech skills shortage, and the advent of next-generation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Industries such as healthcare, banking, and human resources have been steadily deploying digital technologies even before the pandemic. These industries are stepping up to optimize company processes and improve customer experience in order to drive digital innovation and stay competitive in this digital-first era.

The pandemic's spread has prompted all industries to use digital solutions in order to maintain business continuity. More businesses are outsourcing their digital transformation projects due to a scarcity of in-house IT personnel and high-quality software solutions. Because total digital transformation does not happen quickly, many projects will take a long time to complete, and demand for IT outsourcing will continue to rise.


The growth of business process automation and AI integration has been fueled by increasing demands for work agility and improved customer experience. The outbreak has sparked a slew of new client demands, increasing pressure on businesses to provide quick, modern, and innovative solutions.

As more firms recognize the need to automate redundant tasks and reduce human labor utilizing AI chatbots and RPA, the demand to hire dedicated developers will continue to climb. As a result, businesses all over the world are using IT outsourcing companies to acquire access to tech talent at reasonable pricing.


As businesses throughout the world switched to remote working methods overnight as the epidemic spread, the demand for cloud-based management tools skyrocketed. Businesses are entirely transitioning to cloud services after realizing the numerous advantages of cloud computing. As a result, the growing trend is anticipated to continue, increasing IT outsourcing firms' dependence.

According to projections, the global public cloud computing market would generate $362 billion in sales by 2022. The demand for dependable and high-quality outsourcing cloud services will undoubtedly continue to rise.

Various Outsourcing Models

Staff Augmentation

1. Quick Access to developers:
You may scale up your development staff as needed and for as long as you need it. There is no need for any recruitment or HR support.

2. Lower costs & fewer efforts:
-While vendors demand a fee fortheir services, it is typically less expensive than hiring someone
-You are not responsible for the office space, hardware, software, taxes, training, or coffee machine costs of your employees. These are the issues that your vendor is having.
-You aren't paying for HR or recruitment services. Your vendor's issue, not yours, is recruiting, onboarding, and turnover charges.
-You're dealing with a slower rate of development. Recruiting a middle-level developer from Canada or the United States is three times more expensive than hiring one from Latvia or Estonia.

3. Access to Top Talent:
You will get access to senior engineers and other IT specialists. Without enticing them with high-paying full-time jobs, office perks, and ping pong tables, they will go.

4. Flexibility:
With staff augmentation, you may hire as many IT professionals as you need. For example, you may start with two Android engineers and subsequently add a back-end developer and a QA engineer to your expanded team.

5. Full control over the project development:
You're putting together a team of professionals while maintaining complete control over the development process. You can perform it yourself or delegate it to a project manager or a CTO who will report to you.

Managed Team

1. More control over the process:
As the team members are de-facto your workers, you have more influence over the development process. You have direct contact with them, and they report to you directly. As a result, changing the scope of work is both quicker and easier.

2. Better communication:
People in the outsourced team have most likely collaborated on a number of projects before. They're all familiar with each other's work, communication, and speed.

3. Reduced risks:
You select a dedicated team based on their track record of success on similar projects. If they've successfully developed a few fitness applications identical to yours, your product is likely to have fewer technical challenges.

4. Less time spent:
You may forget about day-to-day team management if you don't have time with a specialized staff. Simply ask your IT provider to designate a project manager who will be in charge of team management.

Project Based Model

1. Clear timelines and outcomes:
Before the job begins, you and your outsourcing partner establish timetables and deliverables. This offers you a clear picture of what you'll get at the conclusion of the scope: screen-by-screen app design, features deployed, and so on.

2. Minimal time commitment:
Some approvals are necessary, but the Project Manager is primarily responsible for ensuring that the work is completed on schedule and at a reasonable standard. You may concentrate on your most important duties.

3. Responsibility lies on your vendor:
You're in charge of documenting project requirements and specifications (you'll need to work with the vendor's BA team). Execution and delivery, on the other hand, are the responsibility of your vendor.


The need for cybersecurity has never been greater than it is now, as digital change continues to accelerate around the world. According to a United Nations assessment, the pandemic resulted in a 600 percent spike in cybercrime. Despite the increasing frequency of cybercrime, many businesses lack the tools to defend themselves.

As a result, IT outsourcing companies throughout the world have seen a surge in demand for cybersecurity services to strengthen enterprise security architecture and safeguard sensitive data. According to a poll, 83% of IT executives expect to outsource cybersecurity in 2022. As cybersecurity becomes a top priority for CEOs around the world, this need will only grow.


As technology advanced at an incredible rate, the demand to hire dedicated developers skyrocketed. Top companies are vying to win the greatest tech talent as the global war for talent rages on. However, there is a significant disparity between the demand for trained professionals and the supply of qualified specialists.

Companies are outsourcing IT workers to jump organizational gaps due to a lack of in-house tech skills and the need to scale digital operations. It is feasible to reduce HR costs, gain experience, and collaborate with a dedicated team by outsourcing IT. Organizations will be able to fulfill increased demands for technology transformations by forming strategic agreements with outsourcing providers.

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