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Necklace Recommendation, Choose and Buy Strategy

A person's taste is often reflected in the details, good-looking accessories can add to your outfit. Good accessories can not only reflect the taste of clothes, but also enhance your temperament

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Why to buy a necklace
How to buy a necklace
The material and type of the necklace
Necklace recommendation

A person's taste is often reflected in the details, good-looking accessories can add to your outfit. Good accessories can not only reflect the taste of clothes, but also enhance your temperament. Maybe there was a time when you didn't know how to choose a necklace and thought that anything expensive was good. But I want to talk to you about how to choose a necklace, so that you go less wrong.

1. Why to buy necklace
No matter from dress collocation, or from ornaments to wear, delicate people will pay attention to every little detail in life. Wearing a simple outfit with a necklace instantly makes you look sophisticated. Love yourself, love life, then you will have the strength to love others. An exquisite necklace is like every little surprise in life.

2.How to buy a necklace
- The budget
What's your budget? There are many links of necklaces, some are cheap, others are luxurious and expensive. Expensive doesn't always mean good. Just buy what you can afford and like.

- Choose according to neck thickness and face shape
The length of the necklace on the market is generally about 40~50 cm.(16''~20'')

Height and body shape will affect the wearing effect. The schematic diagram is for reference only, and the actual wearing effect shall prevail.

- The material and type of the necklace
Here lists the common necklace material on the market
Silver necklace
There are two kinds: 92.5% silver and gold plated.
Gold necklace
Common on the market generally 14K (gold content 58.33%), 18K (gold content 75%), 22K (gold content 91.7%), 24K (gold content more than 99%).
Platinum necklace
Modest luxury, but also show beauty.
Jewelry necklace
It's more luxurious and looks more colorful. Like diamond, pearl, agate, jade and so on.

4. Necklace recommendation
- Cross necklace
Cross necklace can bring happiness and luck to the wearer. Simple and versatile, it looks small and delicate. Wearing it can modify your neck lines, let you have swan neck.

- Water drop necklace
 The implied meaning of water drop shape pendant is as follows: one is persistence. Although water droplets are small, but through long-term persistence, even hard stone can be worn through by drops. Second, it represents purity. In people's minds, water is the cleanest and purest thing, and it can wash away the dirt and clean it. Simple design, with the texture of zircon, there is a delicate sense of action.

- Heart-shaped necklaces
A heart-shaped necklace is a symbol of romance and the true love of a lifetime. It is the perfect choice for a man to express his true heart.

- Pearl necklace
This pearl pendant is in the shape of a butterfly knot which is lovely and elegant. This necklace is easy to wear with a variety of outfits and has a unique and beautiful look.

- Selfless love pendant necklace for mom
Mother's love is selfless, and this is a gift dedicated to mothers.This necklace is simple but beautiful and meaningful in design. The selfless love of a mother is blended into this pendant, and its heart shape accommodates both mother and child, making this pendant extra meaningful.

We'd better understand in detail about maintenance instructions before buying. And this article is over here, very happy to share with you, I hope my article can bring you help. May the beautiful you be treated gently by the world.

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