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Refugee to Success: Launching a New Wisdom School to Transform Our Busy Lives

A former refugee, today Dr. Elvir Causevic shares how neuroscience and ancient teachings overlap to increase enjoyment of life in these unusual times

At UpEnd, Dr. Causevic assembled some his own best wisdom teachers over the past 30 years, as well as professional coaches with experience working with people from all walks of life.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 09, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Leader of UpEnd, a new school of living wisdoms, Dr. Elvir Causevic, Esq. overcame life as a sudden Bosnian refugee in the 1990s to become an accomplished Ivy League professor, neuro-technology inventor, and investment banker.

While teaching at Yale, Causevic led the invention of groundbreaking medical devices, including one that identifies hearing-impaired babies at birth so they can learn communication skills, and another that detects concussions with a handheld brain instrument. In parallel, he apprenticed with many different teachers from diverse traditions, looking for ways to make life work well no matter the circumstances. Today his school UpEnd combines neuroscience and traditional wisdom to help individuals of all ages.

Ancient teachings are finding more and more direct correlations in today's neuroscientific research. UpEnd bridges the two, offering a path to better living rooted in traditional wisdom and grounded in the latest neuroscience.

At UpEnd, Dr. Causevic assembled some his own best wisdom teachers over the past 30 years, as well as professional coaches with experience working with people from all walks of life. UpEnd teachers — like Dr. Causevic, Indigenous leader Dr. Anita Sanchez, and psychologist and life architect Dr. Ray Blanchard — are teaching adults the best of cross-cultural philosophies and perennial wisdoms, backed by the latest neuroscience findings. They've created many free tools and resources accessible to all at, as well as hands-on, live Zoom classes to help build practical wisdom skills.

UpEnd's courses focus on the core virtues of traditional wisdom (including courage, reciprocity, humility, and gratitude), teaching students how to incorporate these important principles into their daily lives. Presented in an engaging, respectful, and secular way, the teachings are shared, discussed, and practiced in a new way, designed to give each student the space to focus on practical and specific challenges and opportunities in their own lives.

The goal: upend stress and common challenges to create more peace, abundance, and joy in our lives and our society.

Ancient wisdoms hold surprisingly powerful lessons immediately useful in our modern lives. The first humans in Africa, ancient Asians, Egyptians, Greeks, Sufis, Buddhists, various Indigenous peoples, and so many other great cultures could hardly be more different in many ways. Yet behind the mosaic, they share a few common wisdoms such as deep noticing, courage, abundance, joy, reciprocity, balance, and more.

In his effort to help others, Dr. Causevic uses UpEnd not only as a tool to teach, but as a platform to benefit others. When the Ukrainian war began, Dr. Causevic reflected on his personal family struggles during the Bosnian war in the 1990s and own refugee experience in the United States, and he was moved to immediate action. Offering enrollment in UpEnd in exchange for donations, Causevic raised nearly $10,000 to help displaced and endangered people in war-torn areas, with a special focus on Ukraine.

About: Elvir Causevic is a rebel entrepreneur and wisdom activist. He's been a professor, engineer, exec, investment banker, people coach, and Earth lawyer, roaming the halls of the Ivy League, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley. After teaching at Yale and building three successful brain medical device companies, he now runs the boutique investment bank Tech+IP Capital in San Francisco, in parallel with UpEnd, a new school of living wisdoms. He is also a Board director of EarthLaw Center as well as of WorkLife Law Center of University of California Hastings School of Law, and supports a number of environmental and Indigenous peoples' causes. Today, Elvir's main quest is to refresh his and everyone's collective memory of our ancient wisdoms, so we can each live well, enjoy each other, and cherish our Earth.

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