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Why Pet Waste is Ending up in Sonoma County's Water

E. coli and algae blooms tied to excessive pet waste in Sonoma County

    SONOMA COUNTY, CA, September 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Water in Sonoma County is frequently polluted by dog feces which owners leave behind. The county gets its water from wells along the Russian River, which runs through much of the country before draining the Russian River State Marine Conservation area and the ocean.

According to Sonoma Water, there are three water production facilities which generate water from the river, amounting to more than 30 million gallons of water every day through riverbank filtration. While the county does not take surface level water from the river directly to customers, pollution is still a large concern for our water supply and for recreation in public water.

Dog walkers frequent important beaches, parks and trails along the river throughout the County. Sonoma Coast State Park, Sunset Beach River Park, Riverfront Regional Park and many more popular recreation spots are right beside the river. Dog poop that is left here becomes a host for bacteria and other harmful pathogens and then finds its way to the river.

Pathogens include E. coli, a bacteria that readily grows in pet waste and is a concern for human health. Even if it is not a host to bacteria, pet waste also introduces excess nitrogen and phosphorus to our environment, which can cause harmful algae blooms.

"People walking their dogs don't realize that every dog poop left behind can find its way into our county's water supply," says Mike Osterman, owner of Marin Pet Waste. The company is dedicated to educating people in Sonoma County about the dangers their pet waste may pose to human health and the environment.

According to Osterman, abandoned dog poop is a problem along the river and in Sonoma County resident's own backyards. All dog waste that is left behind is subsequently rained on. Rainwater washes dog poop particles into the stormwater system, where it can find its way into Russian River.

Of course, Sonoma County treats all drinking water before running it to your taps. However, it is important to reduce the need to treat our water and the expense of doing so. It is also important to remove pet waste to reduce the odds of spreading harmful bacteria through the watershed where it can impact animals and plants.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the water that you're swimming in. The Russian River is an important recreation spot for many people, and it drains into many lakes along the way to the ocean. All these bodies of water can become hosts to E. coli and other dangerous bacteria, all due to pet waste.

Residents of the county can help reduce the pollution in the Russian River and throughout the water supply in the county by picking up their dog poop and all other pet waste before it can be rained on, or before their sprinkler system turns on.

Those who can't get to their backyard regularly, or organizations that need help regularly removing pet waste from their beaches, parks or green space can have Marin Pet Waste remove the pet waste for them.

Marin & Sonoma Pet Waste Removal Service is an all-inclusive dog waste removal service, offering flat rate service for any size yard. With service throughout Marin and Sonoma counties, help is never far away.

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