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Pokémon Influencer Trending With Originality

Pinky Pogo has helped keep Pokémon Collectors Trending and Present on Social Media by Creating Original Audio for The Niche.

    FORT WORTH, TX, October 18, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Social Media Trends have become extremely popular and useful for Brands and Content Creators in the past year. With Short Form Video on the rise; many Creators have found a Fast Track to Success. Platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are supplying ideas and blueprints that work for almost any Niche out there. Key Word: Almost.

While Many Content Creators and Influencers are excelling with Popular Trends; we have seen certain brands fall to the wayside. A perfect example of a "Not So Trendy Niche" would be The Trading Card and Collecting Community.

Today we turn our focus to Pokémon. Kimberly Spicer, known to the Social Media World as Pinky Pogo, has broken the mold for the term Influencer.

Collecting Pokémon Cards has been a popular hobby for many years. Within the last five years we have seen the price of vintage and rare Pokémon Cards skyrocket! This has brought many Collectors into the spotlight on Social Media. But can a Pokémon Card dance? Which words do Pokémon Collectors point to on screen while lip syncing a Trending Audio Sales Pitch Reel?

Pinky Pogo recognized this challenge in The Pokémon Community as she saw many friends leaving Social Media due to irrelevance. She chose to take the risk of originality; and she succeeded. Pinky Pogo is known as a Role Model for other Collectors, primarily Female Collectors. She did not want her Community to become irrelevant or invisible.

While Pokémon Cards and Collectors may not be the Creators with Millions of Followers; they are still Creators who wish to stand out and grow their audience. Pinky Pogo changed the Social Media Game by producing Original Audio including Pokémon Terms and Phrases. Not only did she create these Trending Audio Recordings, she encouraged other Pokémon Collectors to use them.

Pinky has also encouraged other Pokémon Collectors and Creators to let their voices be heard. She is quoted by stating "If you make an Original Pokemon Audio, I would love to use it."

This same Process of Teamwork and Community can be used for any Niche who experiences the struggles of Social Media. Before you give up; give it a shot. Use your voice and try being original. You just might become the Influencer who keeps your community Trending. If Pinky Pogo can do it; so can you.

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