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[Korea Contact-Free] LearnersHi "Providing metaverse-based education service using digital humans"

Strengths of a company specializing in learning service development... Plans to increase partner companies

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- LearnersHi (CEO Won-gu Kang) is participating in the 'contact-free leading service project for daily life' implemented by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (President Seong-wook Heo, hereinafter NIPA). It is a company that develops and provides web and app-based online learning services required by various educational institutions.

The company has developed more than 20 various online learning services in cooperation with famous domestic franchise language schools and smart learning materials companies. Recently, it has been striving to develop a metaverse-based education platform in line with the demand for metaverse-based learning services in the education industry.

The 'contact-free leading service business for daily life' in which this company is participating is in its second year, and NIPA has been implementing it since last year. It is a project that develops, demonstrates, and promotes contact-free leading services closely related to people's daily lives. The response from participating companies is high. LearnersHi has been selected as a free project (evaluated as distance education) for this project and the company is currently carrying out the project. It applies digital human production technology to develop and demonstrate a two-way metaverse English education platform using virtual AI tutors.

Won-gu Kang, CEO of LearnersHi, introduced the company while saying, "We are helping to transform the services of each institution into a metaverse by providing a platform for consumers who want to convert web and app-based educational services to the metaverse."

The metaverse-based education platform has the following advantages: first, students can use digital humans to learn and motivate themselves more efficiently than other existing online methods by digital humans and second, since it is possible to hold participatory interactive real-time classes, it has the advantage of being able to provide classes that increase student participation. LearnersHi is predicting that its metaverse-based education platform will be a B2B model, and that academies, schools, and educational institutions will become demand sources.

Due to the unexpected COVID-19 situation, contact-free classes and home learning increased significantly, but the low learning achievement rate became a problem. CEO Won-gu Kang said, "To solve this, we participated in the 'contact-free leading service project for daily life. We are trying to solve contact-free classes' problems by fully using the characteristics of metaverse-based learning and participatory classes."

LearnersHi plans to reorganize and introduce the existing online learning services into a metaverse-based learning service. To this end, they plan to use digital humans for self-directed learning to provide learning schedules and various guides (guidelines) so students can learn without a separate management teacher. In addition, 5 to 30 learning activities will be provided so that students can continuously participate in class by providing feedback on teacher activity requests during class. They hope that this will increase student participation in class.

LearnersHi plans to actively expand cooperation with other educational service companies to enhance the learning effect of the metaverse. It has already signed an MOU with Prediger, an aptitude test service company, and will introduce the Prediger solution early next year. In addition, discussions are underway for cooperation with Yoons English School, Korea Poly School Chungdahm institute, and April Language Institute. In addition, the company is negotiating with small and medium-sized academies for service.

It is also looking for several business partners to expand its business. Online learning service companies and organizations that require contact-free classes (excluding public companies) are the best partners. The company hopes to introduce the service created as a government project to business partners while drawing up an introduction plan for actual operation.

Participating in the 'contact-free leading service project for daily life', the company's organization has become more solid. Most of all, it has recruited new personnel and reorganized the organization so that most employees focus on developing new products. When asked about his future vision for the company, CEO Won-gu Kang said, "Based on our experience, we will lead the metaverse-based learning service by responding faster than anyone else in the new era of change. "We will combine a technology-oriented LearnersHi with a content-oriented education company to create good synergy and present a successful service." Regarding the company's competitiveness, CEO Kang said, "It is a company that develops learning services and has developed only online learning services since its establishment", and continues, "Development experience is important as the quality of service leads to student trust. We have experts in each field, such as 3D, AI, back-end service, and front service."

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