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[Korea Contact-Free] Global Biz Tech "A Breath of New Air in the AI Applied Built-In Home Training Market"

Cabinet Type Developed and Demonstrated... Over 15 Types of Strength Training Possible

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A participant of the 'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project' run by the Ministry of Science and ICT and The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (Chairman Seong-wook Heo, hereafter referred to as NIPA), Global Biz Tech (CEO Nam-jae Kim) is a company that provides solutions to improve habits for a healthier life.

'GBT Client Management Program', the company's leading platform, is an information providing service that analyzes exercise habits and daily habits and connects them with health coaches in an online space for coaching. It is provided as a cloud service (SaaS). It can also be used for sports facility member management, online reservations on homepages, facility use and rental management, program payment management, revenue statistics management, entry and exit management, video content management, facility equipment management, and SMS notification services.

The company has aspirations of becoming a leader of future preventative medicine by applying new technology like AI, big data collection and analysis, and cloud services. Their slogan is the realization of the World Health Organization's (WHO) definition of 'Health: a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity'.

The 'Built-In Home Training Exercise Equipment' Global Biz Tech is trying to develop through its participation in the 'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project' is an indoor, built-in combination exercise equipment. The interior design type and cabinet types both make use nature-friendly products made of Global Biz Tech's independently developed eco-friendly wood. It offers a minimum of over 15 types of strength exercises. It automatically records the repetition of exercises. The efficacy of the exercise equipment has already been successfully tested. It was designed to fit in with home interior designs and make efficient use of space.

The 'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project' Global Biz Tech is participating in is now in its 2nd year, with NIPA starting the project last year. As a project to develop, demonstrate, and proliferate leading services that are closely intertwined with the everyday lives of the people, it is well received by participating companies. Global Biz Tech was selected for and is undertaking the project's free tasks (home training). They developed an ICT-based built-in home training exercise service and tested it with consulting from research staff from the Korea Institute of Sports Science and Korea National Sport University.

The company established in 2019 develops built-in home training exercise equipment capable of various exercises (currently finished development of weight training equipment, plans to develop aerobic exercise equipment and pilates equipment) for the project's task and tests and analyzes the exercise effects. They plan to use this to provide built-in home training's systematic training methods as a service.

The system Global Biz Tech is developing is expected to bring a new type of additional services to construction companies and 1:1 tailored exercise service companies. You can expect effects in the improvement of the health of tenants and homeowners with healthcare using built-in home training, as well as effects in prevention of chronic diseases. It can also solve issues of limited methods of exercise in multi-residential places. The continuous management of health and coaching through a dedicated app is another strength.

The reason the company participated in NIPA's 'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project' is because they judged that, despite the rapidly growing home training market due to COVID-19, existing 'home gyms' took up too much space and there was inefficient proof of their effectiveness in exercise. Their belief that there was a need to develop built-in home training exercise equipment and prove their effectiveness in exercise and that they needed a next-generation built-in home training system using AI analysis services also played a part in their decision.

About the competitiveness of the company, CEO Nam-jae Kim said that, "We developed the cabinet-type built-in home training exercise equipment independently. We designed them so that all members of the family could do various exercise without being restricted by time, and directly conducted the testing for the equipment to complete testing on the safety, effectiveness, and convenience according to contact-free exercise environments," and said that, "We have built a data set for 5 strength training exercises (3 upper body, 2 lower body), and we provide these with an AI curation service after analyzing them from the built-in home training exercise platform."

Global Biz Tech owns numerous patents. The 'Self-Led Living Environment Safety Diagnosis Device' is a leading example. They also have patents for devices like user-tailored health information providing devices, disease prediction-based user-tailored information providing devices and methods, AI-based healthcare service providing devices, and user-tailored health habit service devices. As technology transfer patents, they have things like, AI-based food spoilage prediction model development systems and food spoilage prediction notification systems using AI-based food spoilage prediction models, living environment safety index service providing system and method for optimal outdoor activities, AI-based knowledge learning and promotion technology for analyzing personal health life logs, and chronic disease prediction algorithms according to health examination indexes of Koreans.

Their achievements over the last few years is also significant. In just this year, they were able to achieve things like, developing and commercializing next-generation comprehensive sports facility management system SaaS, developing ICT-based built-in home training exercise services and demonstration models, receiving orders for a SME smart service support project, introducing Big Data Innovation Sharing University cloud services in Sookmyung Women's University, global OTT technical analysis and consulting for measures to secure XR-OTT competitiveness, operating and managing a comprehensive reading education support system, and supplying equipment for the Specialized Industrial School Establishment Project in Zarqa, Jordan.

Last year, they were able to have accomplishments like launching the GBT client management platform SaaS, participating in NIPA's key industry cloud flagship project (healthcare), registering as a venture company, obtaining an information and communication construction business license, and obtaining T-3 certification. Earlier in 2020, they were able to establish a tech research center and get a contract for the Korea Education and Research Information Service '19~'20 reading education central service operation and management project.

The clients Global Biz Tech considers are diverse. Any place that is looking to introduce healthcare consignment services that utilize exercise history management data and home fitness trainer systems are all potential clients. In addition to sports centers and fitness centers, welfare centers, silver towns, and sports healthcare centers can provide tailored healthcare exercise instructions and lessons to elderly people or people who need rehabilitative exercise. They plan to develop the built-in market through MOUs with built-in exercise equipment manufacturers.

CEO Nam-jae Kim said that, "The home training market combined with the GBT client management program can provide various services combined with ICT (AI, AR, real-time streaming services) technology and expand their range," and revealed that, "I believe that built-in home training will have a positive influence on the establishment of an ecosystem of positive cycles in contact-free services."

Regarding their visions for the future, CEO Kim said that, "We will set out to secure large-scale clinical and medical data through public institutions, public health centers, general hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, and sports healthcare centers, as well as conduct clinical trials targeting people with chronic illnesses and secure empirical data," and shared their aspirations, saying, "While we provide personalized posture correction in real time in places outside of the hospital when people do rehabilitation exercises, we also wish to make it so that places like sports centers or fitness centers can use rehabilitative exercise equipment for posture correction and to get the effects on health according to the duration of exercise through AI."

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