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December 24, 2022

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[Korea Contact-Free ] FREEDOTS "Realizes Digital Equality by Providing Integrated Kiosks"

2022-12-24 | Jointly Developing and Demonstrating a Product for Visually Handicapped People and the Socially Disadvantaged with ACNS

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[Korea Contact-Free] Damin Robot "Develops and supplies autonomous robots used in hospitals"

2022-12-24 | Established in October 2019… Experience in applying robots to museums and exhibition halls

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YOU&ME Cosmetics: Face of Scientific Revolutionary Beauty in 2023

2022-12-24 | Prestigious K-Beauty Honey Cleanser, Soothing Gel And Mask Pack For A High-Class Skincare Routine By YOU&ME Cosmetics

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Craft Holsters launches a brand new line of holsters for guns with tactical attachments

2022-12-24 | The company now offers red dot holsters and light-bearing holsters for over 2,000 handgun models.

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Dressmaker Princessly Announced its 2023 Prom Dress Collection for United States

2022-12-24 | The exclusive and extensive 2023 line of prom dresses by Princessly is now available; from new arrivals to best sellers, the popular brand is ready for prom night.

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[Korea Contact-Free] LearnersHi "Providing metaverse-based education service using digital humans"

2022-12-24 | Strengths of a company specializing in learning service development... Plans to increase partner companies

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[Korea Contact-Free] Global Biz Tech "A Breath of New Air in the AI Applied Built-In Home Training Market"

2022-12-24 | Cabinet Type Developed and Demonstrated... Over 15 Types of Strength Training Possible

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[Korea Contact-Free] Insighter "Understanding Children's Psychology with Drawings Drawn by Children Using AI"

2022-12-24 | Creating and providing 'Imomtae' service...Includes information on more than 4,000 child development centers

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[Korea Contact-free Leading Service Company] "Effi" Draws Attention with a SaaS Specialized for Image and Video Bug Reporting

2022-12-24 | Established in 2014… Secured over 200 references, including Red Hat and Money Today

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Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a Top-rated San Francisco Bay Area Hair Loss Clinic, Announces Update to Before and After Hair Transplant Photos

2022-12-24 | Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a best-in-class hair restoration clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area, is announcing a page update.

SmartBuyGlasses Encourages Customers to Start the New Year Off with New Affordable Prescription Glasses

2022-12-24 | Correct vision and lenses are essential for optimal eye health. With support from online opticians, SmartBuyGlasses makes prescription eyewear accessible to everyone

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Dr. Edward Picardi Plans For Missionary Trip to Africa

2022-12-24 | Dr. Edward Picardi is following his Christian beliefs and preparing for a volunteer medical mission trip to Africa.

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Veritas Global Protection Covers Exotic And Electric Vehicles

2022-12-24 | Veritas has vehicle protection plans for exotic and luxury cars and protection plans for electric cars.

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Darren And Mike MLM Are Helping Entrepreneurs Grow

2022-12-24 | The dynamic duo has been in the industry for over a decade. In 2015, they decided to take a break from their ordinary work lives. During the break, they decided to come up with the Darren and Mike Dream Team.

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