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[Korea Contact-Free] Insighter "Understanding Children's Psychology with Drawings Drawn by Children Using AI"

Creating and providing 'Imomtae' service...Includes information on more than 4,000 child development centers

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Insighter (CEO Seong-jeon Nam), which is participating in the 'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project' implemented by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (Chairman Seong-wook Heo, hereafter referred to as NIPA), is a company converges big data and artificial intelligence technologies with various industries. Through this, they are making practical achievements in the fields of psychology, education, and corporate consulting.

'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project', which this company is participating and has been running for its 2nd year, is a project that NIPA has been implementing since last year. It is a project that develops, demonstrates, and spreads contact-free leading services that are closely related to the daily life of the people, and the response from participating companies is very positive. Insighter, which was registered as a corporation in 2016, has been selected as a free task (Evaluation of distance education) and is carrying out the project.

The service that Insighter is developing this time is called 'Imomtae', a contact-free psychological analysis service for children's art using artificial intelligence (AI). Imomtae is an abbreviation of 'When you are curious about a child's heart(in Korean)'. It is a service that uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze children's drawings and, based on this, comfort the hearts of children.

Although interest of public in child psychology is high, there are expensive psychological counseling fees, different counseling levels (quality) depending on counselors, cumbersome procedures, and the inconvenience of going to a psychiatrist in a hospital. Because of this, it is difficult to analyze children's psychology and quickly discover problems. Seong-jeon Nam, CEO of Insighter, said "To solve this problem, we have automated and quantified the analysis of drawings drawn by children through artificial intelligence. Imomtae is a service created to lower the financial entry barrier to child psychological counseling, upwardly level the quality of counseling that differs by counselor, and make it easy to find children's psychological deficiencies and issues at home."

'Imomtae' service can be used by children, youths and parents. The main target age group is children's age from 7 to 12, who are attending elementary school. CEO Seong-jeon Nam said, "Our ultimate goal is for all elementary school students in Korea to receive periodic psychological counseling through our service. We hope that the results of periodic psychological counseling of children will be recorded using our service, and through this, it will be a service that helps children find their inner thoughts and make their minds healthy."

According to the company, there are not many companies and services that have used artificial intelligence to provide psychological counseling and bring up the quality to the level of commercialization. Recently, artificial intelligence is being applied in various psychological areas, and a large number of children's drawing data is needed to understand the child's psychology based on the drawings drawn by the child. Through this project, Insighter collected and processed data more than 7,000 children's drawing. The company explains that it analyzes children's drawings with very high accuracy based on this data.

CEO Seong-jeon Nam said, "We are raising the level of development services by hiring child psychology experts. We are also developing a product that analyzes children's psychology more accurately by combining children's art therapy, which represents the child's mind, with children's own drawing, and various survey-type tests conducted by parents. I think this part is a factor that differentiates it from existing services, and it becomes an entry barrier to have sufficient competitiveness."
There are four main functions of 'Imomtae' service. First, it provides various child psychological diagnostic tests. This includes various child psychological tests such as CBCL and PAT tests, along with artificial intelligence-based art psychological analysis solutions. In addition, they are planning to sell a new type of child psychological diagnosis product that combines a newly developed artificial intelligence-based art psychological analysis solution with various proven psychological tests.

Second, it is a function to find a child development center. There are more than 4,000 child development centers in Korea. However, there is a lack of services to search these centers and find detailed information. To solve this problem, 'Imomtae' plans to provide functions to find centers around users, leave reviews and check various information about centers.

Third, it is an expert column function. When parents recognize problems related to children's development, they post on Internet cafes or search YouTube, blogs, or other SNS overnight. However, most of the comments on these articles are simple opinions of non-experts, or there are many bloggers or YouTubers who provide information despite that it is not their professional field. To solve these problems, 'Imomtae' plans to upload and provide information such as problem recognition, child treatment, and simple parenting tips through various experts related to child development.

Fourth, it has a community function of parenting comrades. Parents raising children refer to each other as parenting comrades, and it provides a community where parents can freely share their opinions and exchange information. In addition, child development experts from 'Imomtae' comment on questions from the community or suggest related content covered in expert columns.

Insighter will create a child psychological test and will provide additional features such as child development center search, expert column, and community in the future. In order to expand the market, they have proposed child psychological services worth 3 billion KRW to more than 3 local governments, and is discussing investment with various institutions. Patents have also been filed to protect intellectual property rights. Once certified, the service will be registered with the Public Procurement Service and public institutions will be able to use it.

The primary demand that Insighter thinks is local governments and educational institutions. They are also looking for business partners. Companies that sell children's goods and products are the best fit. This is because it is closely connected to children, helps to secure early customers, and because it is an item with a good purpose, companies participating as partners can gain a good corporate image.

Insighter received a lot of help while participating in the 'Close-to-Life Contact-Free Leading Service Project'. Above all, it was very encouraging that a large amount of data on children's drawings was technically secured and used for technology development. CEO Seong-jeon Nam said, "It was a great help in a situation where it was difficult to secure data. It is an opportunity for startups like us entering new market to develop stable services through support for business expenses that can be used from development to commercialization."

When asked about his future vision, CEO Seong-jeon Nam said, "I want to provide universal and periodic psychological counseling services to all children. In particular, the field of psychological counseling for children has settled down in Korea and quickly finds children who need treatment at a young age, so they do not miss the golden time. We are starting with psychology children's art, but we will also develop our own child psychological tests, and we sincerely hope that flowers will bloom in the minds of all children through empirical research that can combine artificial intelligence and psychology."

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