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Salt Lake City Dentist Attends Dental Sleep Medicine Meeting in Baltimore. Dr Myles Preble Joins I HATE CPAP LLC to Bring Comfortable CPAP Alternatives to Utah.

Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition often treated with CPAP. Dr Myles Preble a Salt Lake City Dentist trained in treating Sleep Apnea and snoring in bringing Dental Sleep Medicine to the Forefront of Sleep Apnea Treatment. He improves lives of the 50% of patients who do not tolerate CPAP.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - GURNEE, IL, July 02, 2008 - Dr Myles Preble just returned from the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine meeting in Baltimore. He made that trip to bring a higher qulity of life to patients with sleep apnea and snoring. He has recently joined with I HATE CPAP LLC to bring timely information to sleep apnea patients in Utah. Additional information is availabe at and you can find complete information about Dr Preble in the Find a Dentist section of the I HATE CPAP! site.

While snoring is often seen as amusing it is the primary warning sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Slep apnea is not a Joke and it should be medically considered as serious as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a life threatening condition that causes numerous medical conditions. It has been shown to cause a 600% increase in heart attacks and strokes and is implicated as an initiating factor of arthrosclerosis. Patients with sleep apnea have changes in insulin resistance and a tendency to gain weight. Changes in metabolism and sleep may cause problems with migraines, headaches, Dementia, Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia, TMJ Disorders, and Gastric Reflux. It is estimated that 80% of cases of ADHD are related to Sleep Apnea. Problems with concentration and memory are frequent complaints of patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. Patients with untreated sleep apnea have slower reaction times than people whom are legally drunk and a 600% increase in motor vehicle accidents. Metabolic syndrome from sleep apnea is now considered a major cause of obesity.

The primary warning signs are Snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness and witnessed apnea by their bed partners. Concerned spouses have saved hundreds of lives by recognizing the problem and getting their loved one to a qualified sleep center. Patients with untreated sleep apnea should consider letting their spouses drive especially if children or grandchildren are in the car.

The Gold Standard for treatment is CPAP or continuous positive air pressure where a mask connected to a hose and compressor keeps the patients airway open. CPAP is extremely effective when it is used. Unfortunately only 23-45% of patients actually use their CPAP. Even people who use their CPAP typically only use it for 4-5 hours per day not the recommended 7 1/2-8 hours a night. Many patients experience sinus problems, bronchitis and chronic coughs due to CPAP use. It s vital that masks and hoses be scrupulously cleaned on a daily basis.

Dental Sleep Medicine is the savior to many of these patients who do not tolerate or refuse to use CPAP. The majority of patients offered a choice between CPAP and Oral Appliances prefer the Dental Appliances. Compliance is 90-95% with oral appliances compared to less than 50% with CPAP. Sleep Apnea Dentists such as Dr Myles Preble bring new hope to patients suffering from Sleep Apnea. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has stated that oral appliances are a first line treatment for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. Oral appliances are considered a CPAP Alternative for severe sleep apnea when patients do not tolerate CPAP. Dr Shapira the founder of I HATE CPAP LLC states that not only does he see improvements in health and stamina but also it is amazing the effects eliminating snoring and sleep apnea has on marriages. A study at Mayo clinic showed spouses of snorers lose up to 15% of their sleep. Intimacy can be restored to marriages by proving a quiet sleeping environment. Most patients who have been treated for sleep apnea would agree that better sleep results in a better life.

Dr. Myles Preble is bringing treatment of Sleep Apnea and Snoring to patients across Utah. He is already well known for his exquisite dental restorative procedures utilizing Neuromuscular Dentistry to correct not just dental problems but to also restore patients to a more ideal physiology.

Dr. Myles Preble graduated from Washington University School of Dental Medicine in St. Louis Missouri in 1983, and continued his education by attending multiple advanced dental classes concentrating his energies in cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry. He graduated as valedictorian from a postgraduate comprehensive restorative continuum at Baylor University, Dallas TX in 1994.

Dr. Preble is known and respected by his colleagues around the world. In 1998 he began attending and continues to attend courses at what many refer to as the premier training center for neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (L.V.I.). He is currently a member of the North American Neuromuscular Study Club, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, the International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics, the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

His dedication and experience in Neuromuscular Dentistry proved to be an excellent foundation for his studies in sleep medicine. He has been advancing his clinical skills in sleep medicine since 2003.

Dr. Preble takes pride in having one of the most progressive offices in Utah. Technology and continuing education are mandatory for the standard of excellence Dr. Preble requires for himself and his team.

If you wish to learn more about Neuromuscular Dentistry and how it is used to treat Migraines and Chronic Daily Headaches information is available at An excellent article on TMJ disordrs and Neuromuscular Dentistry is "Suffer No More!" that discusses TMJ disorders, chronic head and neck pain an how it is treated with neuromuscular dentistry. Dr Preble is well trained in all aspects of Neuromuscular Dentistry.

Additional information about Dental Sleep Medicine can be found at

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Dr Ira L Shapira is an author and section editor of Sleep and Health, President of I HATE CPAP LLC, President Dato-TECH, and has a Dental Practice with his partner Dr Mark Amidei. He has recently formed Chicagoland Dental Sleep Medicine Associates. He is a Regent of ICCMO and its representative to the TMD Alliance, He was a founding and certified member of the Sleep Disorder Dental Society which became the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, A founding member of DOSA the Dental Organization for Sleep Apnea. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, A Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management, a graduate of LVI. He is a former assistant professor at Rush Medical Schools Sleep Service where he worked with Dr Rosalind Cartwright who is a founder of Sleep Medicine and Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr Shapira is a consultant to numerous sleep centers and teaches courses in Dental Sleep Medicine in his office to doctors from around the U.S. He is the Founder of I HATE CPAP LLC and Dr Shapira also holds several patents on methods and devices for the prophylactic minimally invasive early removal of wisdom teeth and collection of bone marrow and stem cells. Dr Shapira is a licensed general dentist in Illinois and Wisconsin.

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