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July 02, 2008

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Premier Downtown Atlanta Hotel is a Summer Block Buster

2008-07-02 | Atlanta Marriott Marquis Celebrates Completion of $138 Million Hotel Transformation with $138 Weekend Rates and $25 Visa Gift Card

Southwest California Regional In Del Mar To Host Meeting of International 400-Day Clock Chapter #168

2008-07-02 | NAWCC Chapter 59 in San Diego announces that its annual Southwest California Regional in Del Mar will host a meeting of the International 400-Day Clock Chapter #168, a clock collector's group specializing in torsion-pendulum clocks, on Friday, November 21, at 4 pm.

White After Labor Day? Always Okay When it Comes to Fillings!

2008-07-02 | While truly not an actual fashion statement, having white fillings does look better when you smile or are talking. But how are they any different than the traditional metal fillings?

UApply Announces More Free Online Services on How to Become Debt Free & Raise Credit Score.

2008-07-02 | UApply explains to clients who have no credit history, that it can be difficult to get a loan or credit card; but not impossible. UApply explains how to get a quick increase to clients credit score. Particularly important for score driven processes such as mortgage and auto loan applications.

Salt Lake City Dentist Attends Dental Sleep Medicine Meeting in Baltimore. Dr Myles Preble Joins I HATE CPAP LLC to Bring Comfortable CPAP Alternatives to Utah.

2008-07-02 | Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition often treated with CPAP. Dr Myles Preble a Salt Lake City Dentist trained in treating Sleep Apnea and snoring in bringing Dental Sleep Medicine to the Forefront of Sleep Apnea Treatment. He improves lives of the 50% of patients who do not tolerate CPAP.

Facelift for Resumes Offers Hope for Job Seekers, says Resume Writing Service

2008-07-02 | Professional Pixie Dust from Resume Writing Service Can Help You Land a Job

Camouflage Your "Metal Mouth"

2008-07-02 | If you're bothered by your metal filling showing every time you yawn or laugh, consider replacing them with porcelain fillings that match your tooth enamel almost perfectly.

Porcelain vs. Bonding

2008-07-02 | Today's cosmetic dentists are not only focused on the oral health and well-being of their clients, they put a lot more energy and creativity into the overall appeal of a person's smile.

Spinal Cord Injuries

2008-07-02 | Most spinal cord injuries are the result of trauma to some area of the vertebral column. The spinal cord is an extremely important component of the nervous system, and injuries are often tragic.

Experience a new dimension with Absolute 3D Visions ( Spectacle without Spectacles) - India's first ever glasses free 3D displays

2008-07-02 | India's Absolute 3D Visions has developed an airport digital-signage network using glasses-free 3D screens, and is looking to deploy its technology in other areas like OOH and retail sectors.