All Press Releases for May 15, 2005

Author Publishes Two Books Within One Month.

Publishing two books, one poetry and one prose, within the same month is a feat accomplished during April, 2005 by Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. The first book is entitled Gilleland Poetry: Storoems and Poems. The second book is a novella entitled Bob the Dragon Slayer.

    / - Shreveport, LA - May 15, 2005 - Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. published two books during April, 2005. One is a poetry book entitled Gilleland Poetry: Storoems and Poems, ISBN 1411629272, 205 pages. This is a collection of 180 of Gilleland's poems and storoems (hybrid story-poems). His poetry is written to be enjoyable to poetry lovers, as well as to those readers who normally do not read poetry. It addresses a wide variety of subjects -- real-life experiences, fantasy, expressions of love, observations of Nature, and more. It engages both the heart and the mind of its readers.

The second book is a 106-page novella entitled Bob the Dragon Slayer, ISBN 1411633156. This story falls into the fantasy, action/adventure, and fictional genres. It relates the tale of Bob, a peasant lad, who sets off to see a dragon that is terrorizing a nearby village and who soon meets a young wizard named Stephen. Thereafter, Bob's life is filled with adventures involving dragons, knights, damsels in distress, castles, a fair lady, friendship, true love, an evil king, civil war, and lawyers. Written with wit and humor, this novella will delight readers from teenagers to octogenarians.

Both books were published by Lulu Press, where they are available currently for purchase ( Gilleland Poetry: Storoems and Poems sells for $12.95 as a print book and $4.31 as an ebook. Bob the Dragon Slayer sells for $8.95 as a print book and for $2.30 as an ebook. Within the month, both books will be available for purchase from on-line booksellers, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc, and through local bookstores. Retail prices will be $18.96 and $9.98, respectively.

Author Bio: Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. is a southerner by birth and by inclination. Born and raised in Macon, Georgia, he now resides in Shreveport, Louisiana, with his beloved wife, Linda, and their two dogs, Rusty and Pepper. Harry recently retired from a career as a Professor of Microbiology at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport and now devotes himself full-time to his writing career. He is a writer of both poetry and prose, having authored two books of poetry and a novella.

Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. is a writer. For further information, please contact him at (318)798-2113 or by email ([email protected]).

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