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Research Shows Females Require Less Calories Than Males

Research from the National Academy of Sciences shows that when identical variables are used to compare estimated calorie requirements for males and females (i.e. age, height, weight, etc.), females need less calories to maintain the same weight as a male.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - TUCSON, AZ, July 16, 2008 - Research published by the National Academy of Sciences shows females need less calories to maintain a certain weight when compared to identical variables with males (height, weight, age, and activity level). The research was published in the book Dietary Reference Intakes for Energy, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Fat, Fatty Acids, Cholesterol, Protein, and Amino Acids (Macronutrients) (2005).

Other research has shown that the average male has more muscle mass than an average female. Since muscles consume a lot of energy even when a person is at rest, muscle mass differences can easily account for the different calorie requirements between males and females.

Michael Dow, author of the new weight management book, The Pen and Paper Diet, discovered this during research for his book.

If a female and male were the same height, age, weight and had the same activity level, the female would require about 200 less calories on average to maintain the same weight. Dow says there are several important implications that people should be aware of in regards to weight management.

1. For traditional couples trying to help each other lose weight, the female will require less calories to begin losing weight and then to maintain a normal weight. If the male is taller, more active and wants to maintain a larger weight than the female, he may need to consume 700 more calories than what the female requires which can easily be an entire meal. A common complaint in relationships where couples are helping each other lose weight is that the male is tempting the female too much to get off of the diet since he is eating all the time. By understanding each other's calorie requirements, couples can relieve frustration and find creative ways to support each other. For instance, the male can consume higher calorie meals to keep from eating snacks throughout the day or the female could consume lower calorie meals so that she would have enough calories to eat snacks more often.

2. Females should watch how many calories they consume since they don't require as many. If an average male and an average female with the same height, weight, age, and activity level consumed 500 excess calories a day for a month, the female has a greater chance of putting on more weight since she generally doesn't have as many muscles to help burn the calories. To put it in practical terms, if a couple splurges and breaks their diet together by eating a bowl of ice cream, the female would need to eat a smaller bowl so that they would break their diet more equally.

3. Females desiring to lose weight can focus on strength training to build up their muscle mass so that they can burn more calories when they are at rest.

4. If a sedentary average male and average female at the same height, age, and weight consumed the exact same portions and consumed the same amount of calories each day, the female would have to increase her activity level in order for both to maintain the same weight. This supports what most people "know" which is that females in general have to work harder to maintain their ideal weight.

Dow says that "there are genetic differences for the sexes that affect weight management and once we gain some knowledge of them, we can act appropriately and support each other more effectively."

Dow obtained permission from the National Academy of Sciences to republish the tables that depict estimated calorie requirements for children, teenagers and adults in The Pen and Paper Diet. The book focuses on tracking calorie consumption. It discusses the idea that one can lose weight and then maintain a normal weight while eating the types of food one likes as long as the individual does not exceed their calorie budget for the day.

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