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New Biodegradable Products to Treat Stormwater Runoff Announced by Washington State Company at StormCon Water Quality Conference

Construction contractors, home builders and managers of industrial sites finally have an affordable and completely environmentally responsible resource to meet today's stringent discharge standards thanks to ChitoVan LC, an innovative product launched nationally today by Cascade EcoSolutions.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - ORLANDO, FL, August 07, 2008 - Construction contractors, home builders and industrial site managers finally have an affordable and completely environmentally responsible resource to meet today's stringent discharge standards thanks to ChitoVan LC, an innovative product launched nationally today by Cascade EcoSolutions. The announcement came at StormCon, the World's Largest Surface Water Quality Conference and Exposition, August 3-7, in Orlando, Florida.

"Until now, there were few environmentally responsible options for treating and discharging turbid stormwater," said Michael Baker, President, Cascade EcoSolutions. "ChitoVan is the perfect, natural water treatment agent. And because ChitoVan chitosan based polymers treat more effectively than competitive products, you use much less of it, which adds up to significant cost savings over the life of a project."

ChitoVan is made from recycled seafood process waste. "It is a biodegradable polymer that removes suspended sediment, heavy metals, and organic contaminants from dirty water," he said. "ChitoVan is completely effective and eco-friendly in every way."

Cascade EcoSolutions' new flagship product, ChitoVan LC, is designed to dissolve in water and coagulates suspended sediment. ChitoVan products are a family of powerful cationic coagulant/flocculants that have a unique ability to bind a wide variety of particles types together so that they can be filtered or gravity settled. Cascade EcoSolutions also offers several application methods for accurate and controlled dosing through its new Lactate Cartridge dispensers.

"We have brought together, under one roof for the first time, the individuals who pioneered the use of chitosan for the treatment of stormwater," Baker said.

Baker noted that the launch of ChitoVan coincides with the introduction of Cascade EcoSolutions, who will "provide the world with eco-friendly water treatment products backed by professional service and support." Cascade EcoSolutions is based in Bothell, Washington, and has distribution of its products throughout North America.

"We are the only company that provides completely biodegradable stormwater treatment products, with full field support and lab services," Baker said.

A Convenient Truth

The launch of ChitoVan and introduction of Cascade EcoSolutions is timely. Businesses, government and environmental groups are acutely aware of the need to manage stormwater runoff in ways that support growing economies while preserving natural environments. The State of Washington and other states, along with the EPA, either have developed, or are in the process of developing, stronger environmental regulations to manage and treat the problem of stormwater runoff. In addition, Canada is also requiring closer management of stormwater runoff from construction sites.

Cascade EcoSolutions is well positioned to be the solution for the smallest to the largest stormwater management jobs in North America. "Until now, you could hire tanker trucks to haul it away, install expensive permanent treatment system or discharge water of questionably quality and risk heavy fines - all options that could take a significant bite out of your profits," Baker noted.

An Eco-Friendly, Affordable Alternative

ChitoVan products are completely safe for people and animals. When applied as directed in the treatment of contaminated water, there is no possibility that fish or other wildlife and habitat will be harmed.

"Chlorine, polyacrilamides, aluminum and iron salts have worked miracles in industrial applications, but they are too harsh when your discharge is direct to surface water." Baker said. "Our natural product quickly produces visible results - we often see reduction in water turbidity to less than 5 NTU's. That is sometimes clearer than what comes out your home water tap."

Baker also noted that some think chemical water treatment is prohibitably expensive. He said Cascade EcoSolutions is developing new application methods which reduce the amount of labor and equipment necessary to meet water quality standards. In addition ChitoVan is more effective than most other products so a little bit goes a long way. "As a result, you spend significantly less to get the same - or better - results. Plus many competitive products are petroleum based and we all know what the price of oil is doing these days."

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