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Clear Water Compliance Services Created a New Industry and Set the Standard for Stormwater Treatment Solutions; Company Celebrates 10th Anniversary

It began as a vision - take innovative stormwater treatment technologies and match it with a passion for customer service to help growing economies while protecting the natural environment. Today global industry leader Clear Water Compliance Services is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of service.

    SEATTLE, WA, October 10, 2008 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Ten years ago it was just a vision - take innovative stormwater treatment technologies and match them with a passion for Nordstrom-style customer service to create win-win solutions that help growing economies while preserving and protecting the natural environment. Today, Clear Water Compliance Services has not only achieved that vision, it has achieved market dominance and positioned itself for worldwide growth.

"We not only started a company, we helped to start an industry," said Thomas Leggiere, Chief Executive Officer of Clear Water Compliance Services, which provides high-technology treatment services for stormwater, industrial waste water, groundwater, and sludge dewatering. "We started as a small company in response to a growing need to address stormwater quality issues in Washington State, and we're now doing business around the world."

Thanks to its innovative technologies, ability to provide comprehensive water treatment solutions in-house and passion for customer service, Clear Water has enjoyed remarkable growth. The company has opened offices on both coasts of the United States, and recently completed the acquisition of KI Environmental of Richmond, British Columbia, a firm already highly respected in Canada for its work in protecting water quality. Clear Water's parent company, Worldwide Water, Inc. of Lynnwood, Washington, has recently opened subsidiary offices in Doha, Qatar; Dubai, UAE; and, al Buraimi, Oman.

"The company has doubled in size every year for the past five years and we enjoy 80% market share in Western Washington because of the exceptional caliber of our team members," Leggiere said. "They bring the highest level of integrity to their work, never compromise their principles, and always create opportunities for everyone to win."

Clear Water was established in 1998 in response to the heightened awareness of stormwater quality issues arising from the phased implementation of the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. These regulations gave rise to the need for specialized erosion control and water treatment services at construction and industrial sites.

Leggiere said the company developed an innovative "flow through system" with self-monitoring and auto-protection capabilities to treat stormwater. The technology gained quick acceptance by government regulators and contractors. Clear Water provides its on-site technicians with advanced treatment systems that provide multiple layers of protection against inadvertently discharging water that does not meet water quality standards. Real time water quality data are constantly collected and monitored on-site and are uploaded to the company's dedicated servers where it is stored and made available for verification by off-site managers.

Clear Water has earned a reputation for high quality water treatment in such high-profile projects as the third runway project at Seattle's SeaTac International Airport and the reclamation of wetlands south of Seattle. Its systems have been used in projects ranging in size from small residential construction sites to multiple-acre commercial and government road improvement projects. The company serves a variety of clients including developers, builders, contractors, architects, engineers, large industry, municipalities, transportation authorities, state agencies and port authorities.

"Our company's strength lies in our unique ability to evaluate a problem quickly, create effective solutions quickly and get on the ground quickly," Leggiere said. He noted that the company has been able to respond to client emergencies in as quickly as 2½ hours - from phone call to operations on the ground. The result is an unmatched record of success. "We have never failed a customer," Leggiere said. "As importantly, we are making a difference in helping economies grow, while protecting our natural environment."

Leggiere added that the company has significantly diversified in the past ten years to the point where, by mid-2009, stormwater treatment services will account for only 50% of total revenue.

"Water resources in general and water quality in particular are growing concerns throughout the world," Leggiere noted. "There is no substitute for clean water - and there never will be. Our company is well positioned globally for the future to provide two critical services: cleaning dirty water and finding new sources of water."

Looking ahead, Leggiere said he is very enthusiastic about Clear Water's future. "Our people are passionate about what they do because their efforts make a real and valuable difference in the world," he said. "It's amazing what happens when you hire the best people and provide them the opportunity do whatever it takes to exceed the expectations of your clients."

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Clear Water Compliance Services, Inc was formed 1998 in response to a growing need to address water quality issues in Washington State. Today Clear Water provides engineering and operational services for the treatment of stormwater, ground water, and industrial waste water (including water recovered from slurries and sludges). Clear Water also provides services to public entities through its dedicated Government Services subsidiary.

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