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Economic Downturn Proves Positive For DVD Rental Kiosk Operators

The state of the economy has society realizing that the times are changing, and DVD rental kiosks are offering a way for people to adapt to these changes.

    NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, October 23, 2008 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The state of the economy has society realizing that the times are changing, and DVD rental kiosks are offering a way for people to adapt to these changes.

In order to overcome financial strains, the general public will have to cut down on unnecessary forms of entertainment that can be costly for the average family. Fortunately, dvd rental kiosks allow for consumers to still enjoy 'a night at the movies' for only a few dollars.

Another benefit to renting from a DVD kiosk is its convenience. With the soaring cost of gas prices, DVD rental kiosks are extremely accessible, as most of them are located within grocery and convenience stores, allowing for a one-stop shopping trip.

Robert MacIntosh, is a regular customer at one of the DVDNow Kiosks in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been able to rent movies more frequently due to the low rental cost, "The kiosk I use is located in a corner store, so while I'm there picking up dinner, I can grab a movie on the way out. It saves me a lot of time."

The rental of movies appears to be at one of its strongest periods in history due to the country's economic downturn. Hollywood blockbusters such as Iron Man are seeing increased rentals, rather than sales, compared to films of the same genre in the past.

Even consumers who used to be inclined to purchase films are now renting instead, and as the winter approaches, this increase in rentals will be even more evident as people will want to stay indoors with their families.

"My son loves comic book movies, and I was going to buy him Iron Man for his birthday, but I honestly don't think he'd watch it enough to make up for the cost. I'd rather rent the film and buy him something he'll get more use out of," says Brianna Jacobs, who rents from a Salt Lake City, Utah DVD kiosk.

During this time of economic uncertainty, making sound investments is key. As the rental industry continues to prosper, many savvy investors are making a relatively small investment in DVD rental kiosks in anticipation of large returns.

By enabling entrepreneurs to own and operate their DVD rental kiosks, DVDNow is one company that is uniquely positioned to help individuals profit from DVD rental kiosks.

"We can't control the economy, but we can control the way we react to it, and, whether we prosper or lose. No one hopes for a recession, but I am pleased that our DVDNow kiosk owners are in a position to do very well regardless of the state of the economy," says Scott McInnes, CEO of DVDNow Kiosks.

Although many people are pinching their wallets and holding off on major investments, DVDNow Kiosks is one way entrepreneurs will be able to profit during a downturn in the economy.
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