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Cheap and Easy Solution for the Proper Recalibration of the Global Economy

As the global economy undergoes a recalibration and individuals adjust their consumption, a daily calorie budget provides the mindset to consume what you need instead of over- or under-consuming.

    TUCSON, AZ, March 05, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The 2008 Financial Collapse has caused individuals around the world to change their consumption habits. Fearful of the future, many people have stopped consuming basic necessities like medications in order to save more money, as reported by the New York Times ( People have also significantly slowed their purchases of durable goods (goods that will last longer than three years before needing replacement) which is causing industrialized nations' GDPs to drop precipitously ( What is required for a safe landing for the world economy (to prevent a complete financial collapse) is for consumers to consume at least what they need.

We are all consumers and we consume different items at different frequencies. Most of us have a consumption frequency for new cars once every 3-5 years. Most of us have a consumption frequency for new computers once every 1-3 years. Some of us have a consumption frequency for new clothes once every 6-12 months. Most of us have a consumption frequency for eating at a nice restaurant once a month. 90% of us have a consumption frequency for food and beverages daily (estimate that 10% are starving or conducting a religious fast - In order to learn how to consume what you need, an individual should focus on something that is consumed daily so that habit patterns can be built and extended to other areas of one's life. Calorie consumption is something all literate adults can do and takes only 3 minutes a day (

The Pen and Paper Diet, a book by Michael Dow, is based on the simple idea that the key to managing one's weight is using A Personal Daily Calorie Budget. By performing simple math (generally addition), one can continue to eat the types of food that one enjoys and even maintain their current activity level. Once a person learns the basic skill of controlling their weight using a calorie budget, he or she can then focus on eating more healthy and exercising more.

"I won't deny that this is a lifestyle change," says Dow, "but it's a minor one with profound effects. It only takes about 3 minutes a day and there is no obsession with calories since you write the info down and forget it about it. My wife and I have saved a lot on our monthly grocery bill since we used to consume about 6,000 calories daily, combined. Now we consume about 4,100. That's a 30% drop and we noticed it immediately. We had more money to dine out if we chose, pay off some debt and to begin buying specific foods for our son who recently went on a gluten and dairy free diet. My wife has lost 70 lbs and still going. I lost 15lbs and have kept it off."

A Personal Daily Calorie Budget, as outlined in The Pen and Paper Diet, can help in the recalibration of the global economy since it helps people develop and maintain a mindset of consuming what they need. Skills and attitudes are transferable with an individual from one situation to a completely different one. For example, if someone focuses on developing the skill of becoming an effective speaker, they will be able to communicate effectively in nearly any environment. If a person develops the skill of keeping a calorie budget to manage their weight, they will develop the mindset of consuming what they need. This will help people consume non-durable and durable goods as they need them.

A full economic recovery will not come to the global economy until consumer spending begins to increase since consumer spending makes up a large portion of GDP ( As Mark Vitner, economist with Wachovia, said to CNN, saving money is good, but not when everyone is saving a lot at the same time ( The Pen and Paper Diet can help recalibrate consumers to consume what they need instead of under-consuming. It may also help future bull markets by helping people consume what they need instead of over-consuming and possibly facing another financial collapse.

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