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The First Indie Tour Circuit in America Launches: Independent Musical Event Marketing Creates Opportunities

"America Needs Me" opens the Trailblazer Tour Circuit in a valiant effort to connect musicians and manufacturers to the regional markets of the Eastern seaboard States.

    FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, March 09, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The idea is a simple one, and born out of the necessity of wrangling profitability and progress from the changed and changing music industry.

The company, America Needs Me, understands the basic truth that musicians like to perform and that, given the means to locate places to perform their music in front of people, musicians will travel and perpetuate their spectacle to enliven and enrich the lives of others. Part of the genuine American experience occurs in every State in the taverns, bars, pubs, and restaurants where live music is performed. In light of this, America Needs Me has started the Trailblazer Tour Circuit.

The Trailblazer Tour Circuit, centralized online at, consists of four elements:

1: Musicians and bands can access the free information for various venues. These performers can contact the venues with their own online profiles and/or press kits to book performance events. Performers are encouraged to use the forums section of to promote their shows, review the venues where they have performed and read the reviews from other bands regarding venues.

2: Venues, booking agents and managers can read reviews regarding performers and also promote their event calendar in the forums section.

3: Manufacturers and/or distributors seeking to promote their own product or service can contact the performers directly, or request that America Needs Me contact performers, who can utilize their independent tour dates as promotional events. By sponsoring the bands who have pieced together a tour in various regions, manufacturers and distributors can expand into those regional markets. We call this idea IMEM: Independent Musical Event Marketing.

4: America Needs Me can be hired by venues, sponsors, or performers to compose and publish press releases regarding specific performances and events. For a small fee, we will compose and release press releases to news media of the region of the scheduled performances to help events gain the publicity they need to be successful.

These days it seems obvious and logical that a new form of marketing is required for all industries, and adapting the older model of live music sponsorship to smaller events centered on independent artists is the way to go. Musicians are naturals at creating spectacles, and the events they create may as well be used to help manufacturers and distributors sell their products.

The spirit of this endeavor is evident in the name of the company:

America Needs Me.

We call upon musicians to bravely step up to the challenge of forging a new frontier in marketing and economic stimulation beyond that which is heralded in the press corps by politicians and pundits. If the help the government offers is not effective, then it is up to the people to make the improvements.

We call upon the courageous nature of small venues to host these independent musicians. If the larger businesses (banks and large insurers) are unable to effectively maintain a prosperous status quo for the public, then it is up to the small businesses to do the good works.

We call upon the imaginative and bold tendencies of manufacturers and distributors to take a chance on this new way to penetrate regional markets. Since there are so many options in advertising these days, the most present medium, the live performance, is the best way to build brand recognition in multiple regions.

When we all work together in our specific capacities, we can achieve prosperity for all.

If you are one of many Americans who wants to help improve the state of our Nation and, in turn, the state of our world, then pass the word about this endeavor to musicians, venues and sponsors.

America Needs Me is working to make the Trailblazer Tour Circuit successful enough in the coming year to justify our expansion to the West. Our goal is to create a nationwide network of independent venues for IMEM by 2012.

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