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Sign Of The Times, Hope and Encouragement Aren't Easy to Spot These Days...That Is Unless You Look Up! Attorneys Jamie Ryke and Andrew Thav Are Spreading Both As They Cheer On The Michigan State Spartans With Multiple Billboards Reading "Go State" Surrounding Downtown Detroit

Thav and Ryke, owners of the Second Start Bankruptcy Law Firm, a division of the Southfield based Thav & Ryke Law Offices, both graduated from Michigan State University. They realized that rooting for their home team and advertising for their business, shared a similar message: Hope

    SOUTHFIELD, MI, April 03, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As the Spartans make their way towards the final four, their presence in this tournament holds a special place to those who live here. Just last week, the team was an underdog, thought to have little chance against a heavily favored Louisville team Detroiter's are underdogs, crushed by one of the hardest hit economies in the nation, with unemployment rates skyrocketing and a housing market that's decline can only be paralleled by the fading light of the once prosperous automotive industry. Notwithstanding, Thav and Ryke's message is one of hope and good cheer. It is a clear symbol that Michigan is battered but not broken, and that debilitating odds can be overcome even if in the final minutes of the game. It is a message that reaches out to the millions who have suffered at the hands of this great recession and offers a new beginning "The first thought that came to me after Michigan State beat Louisville was that we had to come up with a way to support our team," says Thav. "I wanted to show the opposing teams and their fans that pride still exists here. Let them see that Michigan, like the Spartans, is preparing for a big comeback." With "big" in mind, Thav decided to lend his cheer to Michigan's freeways. Both Thav and Ryke, who have been following college basketball since childhood, are unwavering Spartan fans. They realized an opportunity to send the same message to very different spectrums: that victory to overcome is within our grasp. The Second Start Law Firm's "Go State" billboards are proudly featured as a symbol of support as the Spartans battle to earn their first national championship in nine years. Although the firm's primary message is intended to be a boost for the Spartans and our state, it's phone number and website are inconspicuously stated in the bottom corner of the sign. 1-800 SAVED ME and SAVEDME.COM give fans and potential clients a means to reach the firm if for no other reason than to discover their options and/or to obtain free information. But Spartan fans aren't the only group that Thav and Ryke hopes to reach. Though headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, Second Start is a national bankruptcy firm that specializes in offering a clean slate to clients nationwide. "Because Michigan was one of the first states to see such devastating effects, we are able to utilize our experience to serve our clients all over the country and in states that are just beginning to feel what Michigan has felt for years," says Ryke. As Michigan continues to battle harsh economic conditions, Thav and Ryke's billboards remind us that hope still exists and that help is only a phone call away.

Historically the word "bankruptcy" has carried a negative stigma in large part due to a lack of understanding by the general public of what it is, and how it works. Many people do not realize that bankruptcy law was created by the federal government to support and protect those citizens in severe financial distress and allow them an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. The attorneys and staff at Second Start take much pride in treating each client with respect, and giving them the personal attention they deserve. There is an unfortunate gap in peoples' minds between knowing they need help and making the decision to take action. "Procrastination is many times the biggest problem that people who are in financial distress face," says Ryke. "Sadly in some instances things have gotten so bad for the people in our area that it is too late for us too help them." In an effort to change this cycle of procrastination, the lawyers of Second Start seek to change bankruptcy's negative affiliation. "Our goal is to get our message out their and associate it with a positive inspiration such as the Spartans drive to the final four," says Thav.

About Second Start P.L.L.C.

Jamie Ryan Ryke J.D. and Andrew Jay Thav are attorney's with Second Start P.L.L.C, a national bankruptcy-focused law firm based out of Southfield, Michigan. Since their admittance to the Bar, Mr Thav and Mr. Ryke has been partners in Thav & Ryke with an emphasis in Bankruptcy Law. Mr Rykes degrees include a Juris Doctorate from St. Thomas University Law School and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Michigan State University. Mr Thav also went to Michigan State University and received his Juris Doctorate from The University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. If you want to see one of Second Start's billboards, chances are you'll get your wish. Whether you're headed to Downtown Detroit this week to attend the games or to celebrate with the millions expected to flood the city, you won't miss them. The billboards line all of the major freeways headed into and out of the city. GO STATE. For additional quotes, commentary or information please feel free to call Jamie Ryke (248) 320-8200 / [email protected] or Andrew Thav (248) 310-8151 / [email protected]

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Call it creative marketing or just fan frenzy. One local law firm is turning green and white this weekend as the Michigan State University men's basketball team rolls toward the Final Four