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April 03, 2009

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Sign Of The Times, Hope and Encouragement Aren't Easy to Spot These Days...That Is Unless You Look Up! Attorneys Jamie Ryke and Andrew Thav Are Spreading Both As They Cheer On The Michigan State Spartans With Multiple Billboards Reading "Go State" Surrounding Downtown Detroit

2009-04-03 | Thav and Ryke, owners of the Second Start Bankruptcy Law Firm, a division of the Southfield based Thav & Ryke Law Offices, both graduated from Michigan State University. They realized that rooting for their home team and advertising for their business, shared a similar message: Hope

| Attachments Has Been Updated to Include the Latest 2009 Cars and Trucks with Full 360 Degree Spins, Color Changers, Reviews and Specs!

2009-04-03 | is the premier source for new car prices, new car specs, and new car reviews. View 360 degree spins and change the color on your favorite new car.

Timbercon Offers Solutions to the Broadcast Industry

2009-04-03 | The Broadcast Industry continues to evolve; a global community becoming increasingly more mobile demands it. Timbercon stands ready to address these requirements through comprehensive package offerings including SMPTE and ruggedized, harsh environment cable assemblies. is Offering Remote Unlocking Services for AT&T, CINGULAR Blackberry, Motorola, T-Mobile, Google G1, HTC, Verizon Blackberry, Vodaphone UK Rogers/Fido Canada, LG, Nokia and Soon Cell2Get will Support Unlocking for Alot More Networks and Carriers

2009-04-03 | Cell2Get's remote unlocking services allows for flexibility when on vacation. When in Europe a user can buy a temporary pay-as-you-go SIM for their unlocked phone. With the new SIM, a European phone number will be issued, and calls made would be local.

Direct TV vs Dish Network- A Complete Guide to DirecTV and Dish Network

2009-04-03 | has released a new comparison guide of Direct TV vs Dish Network. This comparison includes special offers for free satellite dish tv systems as well as other promotions offered by both DirecTV and Dish Network when ordered through

Age and Breast Augmentation

2009-04-03 | People of all ages strive to look like the celebrities who are personified in magazines, television, and on the big screen. Celebrity fashions, hair styles, body shapes and, yes, even breast sizes become goals that many strive to achieve.

Breast Augmentation Gone Wrong

2009-04-03 | Any breast implant patient who experiences abnormal symptoms should contact the cosmetic surgeon who performed the surgery immediately. While many symptoms may be temporary or minor, some may be quite embarrassing or potentially life-threatening.

Medicine is a Business Already! -- How Physicians Can Learn to Manage the Business of Medicine

2009-04-03 | Physicians can learn to manage their practices by attending webinars in the "MBA in a Day for Physicians" series. Marica Pook, MD, and Suzanne DeVenny, MS, certified QuickBooks bookkeeper host the webinars, full information specific to physicians and medical practices.

Eisenberg and Scolnic Publish Jewish Dictionary and Speak on the Whole Megillah

2009-04-03 | Jewish Dictionary Authors Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic present entertaining programs about their reference.

IT Jobs - Contractor or Permanent?

2009-04-03 | Deciding whether to look for permanent IT jobs or contractor IT jobs can make a big difference to your working life. Find out the pros and cons of each.

ICON Models Toronto - Alicia Keys, Jack White, Our Lady Peace, Three Days Grace, Shawn Desman, Deborah Cox, Stars, Pilot Speed, and Dragonette

2009-04-03 | As the Canadian music industry continues to grow and with more production taking place in Toronto, more opportunities arise for commercial and fashion models - and Icon and its models are on top of them.

Smile South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry Website Goes Multilingual

2009-04-03 | Smile South Florida is announcing that it has added language translation on its website.

Bar Code Graphics, Inc. Joins The Association of Coupon Professionals

2009-04-03 | Bar Code Graphics is proud to become a member of ACP - The Association of Coupon Professionals. As the largest provider of digital coupon barcode symbols, Bar Code Graphics is uniquely qualified to provide technical direction and education with the new GS1 DataBar coupon requirements.

Aim at Melanoma Secures $4 million in Federal Funding to Study the Effects of UV Radiation on our Service Men and Women Overseas

2009-04-03 | This came as a result of collaboration between Aim at Melanoma and the U.S. Military, and was key to getting melanoma included for the first time ever in the Department of Defense's peer-reviewed cancer research program.

National Healthcare Reformer, Gerry Purcell, Announces Campaign For Georgia Insurance Commissioner

2009-04-03 | Gerry Purcell of Alpharetta, Georgia announced today that he is running for the office of Georgia Insurance Commissioner. Gerry is a fresh new face and voice in the Republican Party. He is known as a dynamic speaker and is exactly the kind of communicator and leader the Republican Party needs now.

Study Finds Largest Credit Card Issuers Guilty of Unethical Practices

2009-04-03 | A new report from The Pew Charitable Trusts details the extent of some of the unethical and deceptive practices by major credit card companies.

True Renaissance Woman Andrea Fellers Talks About Her New Movie Projects on The PulpLizard Show on Blogtalkradio

2009-04-03 | Andrea Fellers is an actress who has worked with artists such as Michael Madsen, David Carradine, Larry Bishop, and Dennis Hopper. She is currently working on a new project with Richard Dreyfuss.