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New Technology Responds in Fight Against Swine Flu

Electrostatic spraying technology provides a superior tool in the fight against Swine Flu. "It's not just what you spray, but how you spray a disinfectant that matters most," says Bruce Whiting of Electrostatic Spraying Systems, Inc. (ESS).

    WATKINSVILLE, GA, May 04, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- While the threat of swine flu is having a negative impact on many industries, Electrostatic Spraying Systems, Inc. (ESS), announced today unprecedented sales orders for its portable electrostatic sprayers in response to the growing threat of a pandemic outbreak of swine flu.

"We have received calls and emails in record numbers from individuals, companies, and agencies trying to curb the rapid spread of this new, deadly virus," said Bruce Whiting, owner and President of ESS. He added, "It appears that both bacterial and viral strains of all kinds are becoming more and more resilient and harder to eradicate. Our experience is showing more and more that it's not just what you spray, but how you spray a disinfectant that matters most."

Fortunately for those battling the swine flu, ESS has recently brought its revolutionary spray technology to the disinfection and sanitization industries.

ESS, who in the past was known for its worldwide leadership in the electrostatic spraying of agriculture and food products, has just within the past 18 months expanded its technology into small portable sprayers that can be used effectively in hospitals, hotels, public transportation, schools, cruise ships and other public venues. Electrostatic spraying technology provides a greater level of coverage while using minimal amounts of chemical.

Though ESS's technology is valuable in the use of traditional harsh chemicals, due to the reduced amount required and superior coverage provided, it is particularly valuable when used in conjunction with the new environmentally friendly chemicals. In order to effectively spray the new "green" chemicals used in fighting viruses and bacteria, the superior coverage afforded by the ESS spray nozzle is essential. Many surfaces require the lighter, more evenly distributed coating provided by an electrostatic sprayer, rather than the heavy soaking experienced with a traditional pump sprayer. Disinfecting areas such as waiting rooms, buses, or other public buildings which get constant usage is challenging. The advantages of an electrostatic sprayer are that it coats thoroughly and dries quickly, allowing the room or vehicle to be put back into use almost immediately.

The ESS nozzle sprays a fine mist of electrically charged liquid droplets. Air pressure carries the tiny negatively charged droplets toward the target. The electrostatic charge causes the droplets to wrap around the object with an attraction 75 times greater than that of gravity. Droplets will even reverse direction and move upward against gravity to coat hidden surfaces.

"ESS technology was developed at the University of Georgia to change the agricultural industry. We now realize our technology also has the potential to change the world by saving lives", said Whiting. (

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