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CURE TO CHRONIC MUSCULAR BACK PAIN RELEASED - Providing One Has Reasonably Healthy Bones & No Birth Defects - Prior Back Surgeries Can Reduce Benefits

See Video & How To Get Muscle Knots Out Of The Spinal Column Muscles - The Muscular Therapy That Focuses On Aging Muscles & Spinal Muscles Which Lead To The Feeling Of Youthful Mobility

    FAIRFIELD, CA, August 01, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- I've attached a link (see MS Word documents) that introduces you to the Aging Muscles, our relatively unknown and secondary set of muscles. The discovery of these muscles and beating them will improve the human race forever. As The Perfect Back is much more than getting people out of chronic muscular pain, the therapy that restores balance and brings you to your former self. Think of it this way, our aging process puts muscle knots in, in a continuous manner and never come out (of the aging muscles) and we are going to change that. We are going to live younger lives far later in life, we'll still age but without the diminishing mobility. And the only downside is the knees. Once we figure out how to make the knees last longer, we never have to lose our mobility.

For those who have bad knees, you can simply allow some muscle knots back in and it's as easy as just living. And it is my belief these aging muscles were meant for old age when the knees are at their weakest (for more on the knees I have an article on that).

That's why people with healthy knees age better than people who don't.

The old man who is hunched over and walks real small will no longer exist. And it's all because of the aging muscles.

The problem is that these aging muscles are kicking in at a much younger age, as we try to go beyond our body's capabilities. This was demonstrated by 2 pro tennis stars who lost their low back arch during a tennis match (Murray at this year's Wimbledon and more severely Verdasco against Sela at the AOS a couple years ago who were no more than 30 years of age). The fact is, that 5 set matches are simply not healthy.

I've written many articles on LinkedIn under the name The Perfect Back, and they are all worth reading. I've disclosed much more than I can give on a single press release.

The VIDEO: Once you see the video, and you are probably thinking it really can't be that easy, but it is. By targeting our secondary set of muscles, you eliminate chronic muscular pain (because those muscles are out of balance) and feel younger all at the same time. That's why people who don't have chronic pain will likely enjoy the effects as well.

It is important to understand why I needed to give this therapy for free, so please see my article on LinkedIn under the name The Perfect Back.

As for the therapy, I hope you all enjoy feeling great. And it is imperative that everyone share this with everyone. Because the person suffering could be your family member, your neighbor, your co-worker, your friend, your teammate; it literally can be anyone.


Theresa L. Brumfield - The Perfect Back

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