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Human Services Business Receives Patent Pending for Online Parenting Program

Family Unity Network owner, Gregg Prescott, M.S. recently received a patent pending for a program to help parents in need of parenting classes, families who are at risk for dissolution, children on probation and families going through the reunification process.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - TAMPA, FL, September 18, 2008 - A Riverview, FL business owner recently received an International and United States Patent Pending for creating an innovative, cutting edge program designed to assist parents and their children in helping them resolve universal parenting issues.

Family Unity Network's Gregg Prescott created a program called an "Intensive Family Skills Seminar" (IFSS) which is intended to help parents who are seeking parenting classes, at-risk youth, families who are at-risk of dissolution, children who are going through the reunification process and children who are on probation.

The seminar may be attended by parents at each week's specified location or the parent(s) may choose to complete this program online at a reduced cost.

The IFSS is a seminar attended by parents and parents-to-be. Each family will receive the Intensive Family Skills Seminar book along with instructions on how to efficiently implement the program. The parent(s) may call their instructor up to six hours per week during assigned times in the six week program to ask their instructor any questions regarding the IFSS program. The questions are entered into an online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Database to help other families with similar questions. Parents are also encouraged to use Family Unity Network's Online Forum to ask their instructor any additional questions which will also be entered into the FAQ Database. The parents may also use the forum as a confidential networking system with other parents who are going through similar issues.

The online version of the Intensive Family Skills Seminar includes the IFSS book and up to six weeks of consultation through the Family Unity Network Online Forum.

The IFSS is based on a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Multisystemic Therapy and emphasizes the family working together in all facets of parenting education in a fun and creative manner. "I'm truly amazed at how well the reception for this program has been so far," Prescott enthusiastically stated, "By the end the IFSS, many teens will beg their parents to do chores! The parents love the IFSS because their kids are more involved with the family and the kids love it because they realize there are ways earn independence and freedom through responsible behavior and actions, plus they're involved in the decision-making process while receiving self-value and self-worth."

An online version of the Intensive Family Skills Seminar is available which includes six weeks of consultation with an instructor on the Family Unity Network Online Forum.

Prescott received a patent pending on the IFSS program on July 30, 2008.

The IFSS systematically covers Anger Management, Addiction & Substance Abuse Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Responsibility, Communication Skills and House Rules.

"The IFSS is conceivably the most cost effective solution regarding common parenting issues," stated Prescott. "The cost of addressing Anger Management on an individual basis would exceed $150 in most cases."

The public may purchase a downloadable version of the Intensive Family Skills Seminar Instructional book at the Family Unity Network, LLC website. There are no additional services offered with the purchase of the IFSS Instructional book. A recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this product.

The Intensive Family Skills Seminar is currently available in Hillsborough, Polk, Highlands and Hardee counties in Florida. A sliding fee scale is available through human service agency referrals with the difference paid by the referral agency. The cost can also be used as a diversion for human service referral agencies. Each family will receive a Certificate of Completion upon payment in full and the successful completion of the IFSS.

Prescott plans on expanding the Intensive family Skills Seminar program to all counties in Florida within a year and is currently working on allocating a meeting room every Saturday in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties. Prescott hopes to offer the IFSS program to other states in the near future. "I have several contacts interested in implementing this program in New York, Ohio and Texas," stated Prescott. "I'm really excited about the enthusiastic response the IFSS has received from so many states within the country so far."

"My goal is to have a Family Unity Network in every county and in every state," stated Prescott. "I've had interest from all around the world regarding the Intensive Family Skills Seminar program and hope to implement it internationally in the near future."

Before founding Family Unity Network, Prescott was employed as a child and family therapist where he honed his "Intensive Family Skills Seminar" (IFSS) program.

"I truly love helping people in all facets of life. That's also an unspoken requirement for everyone who works for Family Unity Network," Prescott stated. "There's no greater joy than helping a family overcome obstacles while strengthening their bond with one another."

As the program evolves, Prescott hopes to use the IFSS in conjunction with court-referrals to reduce the number of re-offending juveniles in the court system, and in turn, saving the state money spent on re-offenders going back through the court system. "More importantly," Prescott added, "I hope the IFSS will strengthen the family unit of these youth."

As of this date, none of Prescott's IFSS juvenile clients have violated probation. "I'm really proud of the families I work with, especially the kids. When a family completes the IFSS, we're confident they have all the tools they need to overcome virtually any common parenting issue."

To learn more about Family Unity Network's Intensive Family Skills Program, visit or call (813) 930-5543.

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