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Nissan Pilest, M.D., Awarded Orange County's 2016 Top Doc in Dermatology

After 38 years, Dr. Pilest keeps up the pace with teaching, treating, sharing and learning. Citing the benefits of peer collaboration, he says he is both honored and validated by the award.

Technology selection is paramount. "If I wouldn't use a machine on myself or my family," Dr. Pilest asserts, " I certainly won't use it on my patients!"

    IRVINE, CA, January 31, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Nissan Pilest loves his job. He begins each day as enthusiastic as a brand new doctor who just passed the boards. He's passionate about the work he does and maintains an infectious energy that is present all day, every day. To be honored for the skills he has accumulated over the past 38 years is, he says, "both an honor and a validation."

The Orange County Medical Association annually awards The Top Doc achievement - officially titled Physician of Excellence - to doctors who have been voted by their peers as the doctor they'd choose for themselves and their family. This is Dr. Pilest's second award as Top Doctor in the field of Dermatology.

"I feel great honor that my peers express this level of trust in my abilities," he shares. "I'm very fortunate to be in frequent contact and collaboration with an incredibly talented pool of Dermatologists both here in Orange County and throughout California. We all learn from each other and routinely share patient experiences that I believe make us all better doctors."

"As skin care physicians in California, Dermatologists face unique challenges," Dr. Pilest explains. "We have a patient population that includes every skin type and every color, each with specific treatment requirements and reaction potential. This genetic melting pot demands continual learning and an increasing awareness of individual skin response to the ever-expanding technology choices that patients have at their disposal."

He further shares that although many of the procedure developments are fantastically efficient, some technological options are not as effective or as "risk-free" as media advertising claims.

Although an early adopter of many advanced skin corrective systems, Dr. Pilest is very particular which treatment options he brings to Total Dermatology. Before offering any new system to his patients, he invests much time in research, validating the science behind the claimed effectiveness and assuring the safety records are acceptable. "If I wouldn't use a machine on myself or my family," he asserts, " I certainly won't use it on my patients!"

Dr. Pilest has long-held a focused interest in laser and similar technological solutions to skin problems and appearance. His treatment rooms are home to dozens of the top of the line machines that do everything from acne treatment to acne scars to wrinkle smoothing to fat removing.

"We used to be limited in what we could offer patients because skins with heavier pigment levels were at risk of burns or uncontrolled pigment production as a result of the high heat from the laser," this Top Doc explains.

"Now, with radio frequency technology, micro needling, and highly adjustable laser energies, those with ethnic skin can safely take advantage of the benefits of resurfacing, pigment control and collagen building. With the right technology chosen, any skin can experience improvement."

Dr. Pilest is a Board Certified Dermatologist, a Diplomate of the American Academy of Dermatologists, Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and Assistant Clinical Professor at UCI Medical School.

He has long-standing achievements in the medical community, previously serving as President of the Dermatological Society of Orange County and regularly receiving local awards and commendations. His practice, Total Dermatology, has served patients in Orange County since 1979.

Dr. Nissan Pilest is the founder and medical director of Total Dermatology, a private practice in Irvine, California.

Total Dermatology is an aesthetically focused dermatology practice which offers particular expertise in the treatment of ethnic skin.

Dr. Pilest, a member of the highly rated Expert Injectors collaboration and the ASDS's Circle of Excellence in Soft Tissue Fillers, personally performs all injectable procedures. He is a training physician for most all FDA approved fillers and many of the laser systems in use today.

Total Dermatology is located at 16100 Sand Canyon Avenue, Suite 190, Irvine, California, 92618. The practice phone contact is (949) 727 3800.

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