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Rob Moir, Ph.D., Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship & Conservation

Dr. Rob Moir was recently named an Elite American Executive

Saving the ocean begins with us savvy to responsible stewardship practices including lawn care and wise seafood consumption.

    CAMBRIDGE, MA, June 09, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Rob Moir, Ph.D., Director of Ocean River Institute, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in environmental stewardship and conservation.

"Everyone can help to save the ocean while saving money at the same time," says Rob Moir of the Ocean River Institute. By seeing the marine life connections and in the small domestic actions we take, Rob has found much cause for hope despite the vastness of the ocean and the depth of problems facing sealife and shores.

What we do on the land can harm or restore waterways. It's your choice. Saving the ocean begins with us savvy to responsible stewardship practices including lawn care and wise seafood consumption. Discover more ways you can save ocean wildlife, enjoy a beach, and restore waters while saving money by listening to Rob Moir and by joining the Ocean River Institute.

Overfishing is a world ocean problem primarily in foreign waters where large fleets of fishing vessels, many unregulated and unreported, deplete and destroy the very fisheries that communities on the shore depend on. The President's National Ocean Council and Congress are working together to stop the importation of illegal, unregulated and unreported foreign seafood from entering the nation. Ninety per cent of the seafood Americans eat is imported. You can help by adding your voice to communications by the Ocean River Institute to decision-makers and by asking for American seafood.

We have the best managed fishery in the world. In American waters, 473 populations of fish (fish stocks) are managed. Of all these fish groups, only 26 are still overfished and cod stocks are two of the 26 groups. This is a significant reduction from years ago and is only possible because our government invests in fisheries research. Just a bit more government spending is needed for our fisheries to become completely sustainable.

You can help by switching from a meat meal to a seafood meal. Every meal you do will also lessen carbon emissions because fish don't emit as much carbon dioxide and methane as does beef. Second, when buying seafood, buy local. This supports our fishermen. Third, buy the cheap local fish because it will be the more abundant catch. It's just as healthy for you as the expensive fish and it will be the freshest. Rob describes the various fish that are both good for your health and wallet.

Harmful algal blooms are the big very local problem, like where your toes are. Blooming algae can release toxins that injure swimmers not only on our coasts, but also in our lakes, including Lake Champlain. On a shore in Falmouth Massachusetts, sixteen striped bass, a horseshoe crab and an unidentified crab were found dead in July. Falmouth responded with a bylaw that mandated lawn owners apply only a fifth of the industry-recommended amount of fertilizer. They understood the connections between nitrogen, the nutrient in fertilizer, harmful algal blooms, ocean dead zones, and dead striped bass rotting on their shore.

You can stop the killing of striped bass while maintaining a green lawn by taking four steps. First, feed your lawn only if it looks in need of fertilizer, established lawns often don't. Second, respect the setbacks from waterways and fertilize further away. Third, use at least 50% slow release nitrogen to feed lawn slowly over time. Finally, take a fertilizer holiday. Do not fertilize established lawns May 15 to September 30. Taking responsible steps by ocean, your toes may thank you.

The Ocean River Institute provides donors and advocates the organization they require to save wildlife, clean rivers and restore healthier oceans to go the distance for savvy stewardship of a greener and bluer planet Earth.

About Rob Moir:
Dr. Moir is an educator, scientist and activist with expertise in ecosystem-based resource management, institutional management and marine policy. His role with the organization entails coordinating with local groups and maintaining a network of Ocean River Institute partners. Dr. Moir's prior experience includes leading citizen science and efforts to clean up the Salem Sound and Boston Harbor. He has also served as a president of advocacy organizations, including Salem Sound Harbor Monitors, Salem Sound Coastwatch and Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, and through his appointment by the Secretary of the Interior to the Boston Harbor Islands Partnership. Dr. Moir has held leadership and membership positions in many organizations over the course of his career.

Dr. Moir holds a Ph.D. in environmental studies and a Master of Science in teaching, both from Antioch University New England. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in natural science from Hampshire College, a certification in ecology from the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass., and certificate in environmental studies from the USC Wrigley Institute, Catalina Island, CA. In light of his professional and academic accomplishments, Dr. Moir has received a number of formal honors over the years. Most recently, he was named an Elite American Executive by Worldwide Branding. He was also selected to be featured in Worldwide Publishing's "Top 101 Industry Experts" book, and interviewed by Worldwide Broadcasting Network. Earlier in 2015, Dr. Moir received a Lifetime Achievement Award and was named Executive of the Year in Environmental Stewardship and Conservation. Past honors include a Distinguished Humanitarian Award and a feature in Pro-Files Magazine.

Looking toward the future, Dr. Moir intends to further engage citizens and families as eco-stewards to create clean and healthy environments, and attain a better quality of life for humans and wildlife. He would also like to see increasing responsible stewardship of natural resources by the government, including oceans, rivers and watersheds.

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