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Compelling Novel Celebrates A New Golden Age of Science Fiction

2008-04-19 | Unholy Domain, a compelling new SciFi thriller by Dan Ronco, enters a wonderful age for science fiction. Heinlein, Asimov and Clarke would have given anything to experience the brave new world just coming into focus. Robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetics, and more .

NewBlue to Debut Free Cartoon Effects Plugin for Video at NAB Show

2008-04-11 | NewBlue, Inc. will unveil a free video effects plugin designed to transform live video into animation at the NAB Show, April 14-17th. NewBlue Cartoonr, enables video editors to transform live video with a cartoon look. Todor Fay, NewBlue's CTO, will demonstrate at the Sony booth daily at 11 am.

Production/Design Company Arsenal Launches; Completes Six-Spot Animated Promo Campaign for FX Network's Season Two of Dirt

2008-03-28 | Executive producer Michele Maples has launched Arsenal, a new live -action and design oriented production company, and has completed its first assignment -- a new six-spot promo campaign for season two of FX Network's hit show Dirt, starring Courtney Cox.


2008-03-28 | Charles Band, founder of sci fi/horror movie studio Full Moon Features and whose 270 plus films has established him as one of Hollywood's most successful and prolific cult movie impresarios, has announced that he will stage the 3rd incarnation of his FULL MOON HORROR ROAD SHOW this summer.

Gary Sturgis to co star in Chicago Pulaski Jones

2008-03-19 | Bad Guy Does a Funny. Gary Sturgis to co star in Cedric The Entertainer's directorial debut written by Kel Mitchell and Janis Woody.

Publication Date for Mercedes Lambert's Dogtown/Soultown Omnibus Nears -- First time complete Dogtown Trilogy will be in print

2008-03-18 | Mercedes Lambert's complete Dogtown trilogy will be in print for the first time, five years after the author's death. Her friend and literary executor worked since her death to find a publisher for Ghosttown and a reprint publisher from Dogtown and Soultown.

Australia World Class Byron Bay Film Festival hosts Christopher Flach's film "Anima."

2008-03-11 | Christopher's fast paced experimental film "Anima" is showcased at the Australian 2008 Byron Bay Film Festival.

NEW Miracle Charms by Zorbitz a Hit with Celebrities- Sundance and Oscar Events

2008-03-02 | A hot trend was born when celebrities went crazy for New Miracle Charms by Zorbitz. Miracle Charms offer a beautiful, fashionable style filled with meaning and luck which perfectly personifies the Zorbitz' women and men.

Magnificent Mile //Christopher Flach's photographs open at the new Allegro Hotel in Chicago.

2008-03-02 | Christopher Flach's photographs of downtown Chicago document the timelessness of the North Loop's Magnificent Mile. Launches Price Comparison Tool

2008-01-18 | Online LCD TV buyer's guide launches new LCD TV online price comparison tool for UK shoppers. All big brands are covered among the 1000+ LCD TVs that are featured.

San Francisco//January 26, 2008//The California College of the Arts hosts the documentary film entitled Madeleine Castaing, by Christopher Flach

2008-01-18 | The California College of the Arts's Design Forum hosts the documentary film entitled Madeleine Castaing produced and directed by Christopher Flach

SANTA AND SONS & daughter! Gets a Facelift for International Public Access TV Event

2007-12-22 | SANTA AND SONS & daughter! indie musical movie updated for 3rd Anniversary Access Awareness showing in 26 states, over 150 cities and five countries. Event hopes to heighten awareness of issues facing Public Access TV stations.

Jesse Goldberg Up to Task of Filling the Screen

2007-12-08 | Jesse Goldberg songwriter, makes a hit with his parodies on public figures.

Eileen Carey a Proven Winner for Tennessee T-Cakes

2007-11-30 | Tennessee T-Cake Addition Wins Vocalist of the Year from South Bay Music Awards

African American's Waterloo...The N-word

2007-10-25 | Black America can point its finger at white America all it wants, but until African Americans realize they are the lifeblood of this inferior mindset, resolve, unity, and group advancement will never come for the black community.

webrTV makes finding video online a one-stop experience

2007-10-23 | webrTV is pleased to announce that there is now a single place on the web where people can find video content that is available via the internet - regardless of what service it is on or what format the video is available in.

Fall 2007 - Christopher Flach's photography opens at the 2007 San Francisco Fall Antique Show/ 24-7/PressRelease/

2007-10-17 | Extending over 14 feet at the entrance of this years show, Christopher Flach's, photomural "the Doge Palace," opens at the 26 annual San Francisco Fall Antique Show.

Carol D. O'Dell, Sandiwich Generation Author of Mothering Mother Appears on CNN

2007-10-16 | Carol D. O'Dell, expert caregiver and author of MOTHERING MOTHER: A Daughter's HUMOROUS AND HEARTBREAKING MEMOIR appeared on (stream broadcast) October 11, 2007. O'Dell will continue on her Atlata book tour campaign from October 10th-22nd.

BOONDOCKS Bows Down to the N-word

2007-10-04 | Returning from hiatus, Mr. McGruder—through a premeditated, diabolical scheme—plans to saturate America with heavy doses of the n-word.

London Cab Is Newest Fare at DFW Elite Auto

2007-09-30 | Emerald Taxi Delivers Brides and Grooms with Old World Elegance