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Renaissance BioScience Corp. participating in Edison Open House: Global Healthcare 2022 Virtual Conference

2022-01-27 | A world leader in RNA technologies for agriculture and health

InterX Inc. Have Developed a Polarizable Force-Field/Simulation Stack

2022-01-21 | ... that is parameterized by ab-initio data and describes arbitrary neutral organic molecules.

EGF that Restores Your Skin Time

2021-12-17 | Limited Time Offer on Amazon in December!

[Korea Contactless Technology] Safe Touch Display for Contact-free Devices

2021-12-10 | Prevent infectious diseases through elevators with contact-free space touch technology

[Korea Contactless Technology] AI-based Autonomous Driving Robot Establishment of Quarantine Facility Goods Transport Service

2021-12-10 | Control monitoring service to prevent infection and contamination by minimizing interpersonal contact

[Korea Contactless Technology] Development of a Rehabilitation Program Tailored to Patients with VR Childhood Cerebral Palsy

2021-12-10 | Providing effective customized treatment programs and presenting a new treatment paradigm.

Korea, a 5G Powerhouse, Leads the Contact-free Economy and Market

2021-12-10 | - The average annual growth of 13.5% in the contact-free market in Korea is expected to be 292 trillion won in 2023. - Non-face-to-face service that opens a new daily life for the people.

[Pangyo Bio & Medical] SK Bioscience to Create a Nobel Prize in the Vaccine Industry

2021-12-09 | SK Bioscience would create a Nobel Prize for vaccine which would be awarded to people and organizations that make groundbreaking contributions the global vaccine industry every year along with an international organization.

Renaissance BioScience Corp. receives additional R&D funding for its yeast-based RNA technology

2021-12-02 | Advisory and funding support is helping to advance this environmentally safe and sustainable yeast-based RNA production and oral delivery technology to precisely target specific genes in specific organisms, while avoiding damage to other organisms.

Dyhydromatics to Exhibit at P-MEC Tradeshow in India

2021-11-17 | ShearJet HL60 High Shear Benchtop Laboratory Processor To Be On Display at Booth F21 at Hall 15

Friends of IHES 2021 Gala to Honor Women in Fundamental Research

2021-11-10 | Special guests include celebrated philanthropist Marilyn Simons and award-winning performer Gioia De Cari

ITS 2021 Held as an On/Offline Hybrid Exhibition

2021-11-09 | - Presented K-Innovative company technology and new product, 187 people of merit in technological innovation awarded! - Online exhibition hall of over 200 innovative technologies and products displayed and supported for business exchange

Renaissance BioScience Corp. Closes Balance of $5 million Convertible Debenture

2021-11-04 | Strategic Industry Investor Subscribes for $3.265 million Outstanding Balance of $5 million Convertible Debenture

Labcon Advances The Future of Carbon Footprint Tracking in Laboratories

2021-11-01 | U.S. manufacturer certifies the largest collection of sustainable laboratory disposable products.

A New Cardiovascular Medical Device is Being Developed at Ensil Inc. which will Diagnose Diseases, Injuries, and Congenital Problems Affecting the Heart

2021-11-01 | The new device replaces older technologies traditionally used for Electrocardiograms (ECG), Stress Tests, Holter Monitors, Event Recorders, Tilt Table Tests, and the Electrophysiology Study.

[Pangyo Bio & Medical] SK Bioscience "The Clinical Trial Result of South Korea's First Vaccine to be Released in October"

2021-11-01 | Kim Hun CTO of SK Bioscience announced the plan explaining the company's future plans of "GBP510," a potential candidate material of covid-19, at "the 18th autumn conference of the Korean Vaccine Society 2021" which was held online.

[Pangyo Bio & Medical] SK Bioscience Agrees to Extend Contract Production of Global COVID-19 Vaccine Until the End of 2022

2021-11-01 | SK Bioscience and CEPI finally reached an agreement to extend the Andong L House facility use contract until the end of 2022.

TempAid Announces Another Industry First: Biodegradable EPS Coolers Qualified for Cold Chain Shipping

2021-10-27 | Company makes bold move changing all EPS coolers to biodegradable EPS and tested for vaccine, pharmaceutical, and food shipments