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Nation's Largest Privately Held Mortgage Lender Sued for Fraud

2011-11-02 | Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation and its CEO, Jim Hodge, have been sued by whistleblower Peter Belli, a former Allied branch manager. Today the US government joined the suit claiming hundreds of millions in damages.

Soleyon Insurance Partners Announces Launch of Their New Website

2011-10-29 | "The new site has a easy navigation structure, and robust functionality," says David Whitfield of Soleyon Insurance.

The Warranty Group Announces Agreement with EZShield

2011-10-21 | Virginia Surety Company, Inc., a unit of The Warranty Group, Inc., today announced an agreement with EZShield, a leading provider of identity fraud protection, to provide benefits for its financial institution offering.

Determining If You Have Been a Victim of Fraud

2011-10-02 | Many people are maliciously taken advantage of every day. Thanks to modern technology, fraud, hoaxes and scams happen more often now through the internet. Every year fraud costs hundreds of millions of dollars and affects millions of lives.

Real Estate Developer Fights Back

2011-09-16 | Real estate developer fights back against police.

Medicare Fraud Scheme Unfolded by Pulse Oximeter Industry

2011-09-13 | Medicare Fraud equated to $295 million of loses to the American taxpayer.

Pittsburgh Attorney Frank Walker Opens FrankWalkerLaw: A Pittsburgh Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Law Firm Serving Western Pennsylvania

2011-08-29 | On June 1, 2011, Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer and Personal Injury Attorney opened his own law firm in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

NYC Private Investigators, ICORP INVESTIGATIONS, INC. Uses GPS & Bug Detection

2011-08-13 | New York Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations ICORP, incorporates bug detectors and GPS detectors.

News Website Shaw Capital Management Online Launches This Week

2011-08-12 | With its promise to give us everything that makes sense, a group of young, self-proclaimed tech-geeks is gearing up to announce the launch of their new website this week.

Atlanta Bankruptcy Firm Clark & Washington Public Alerts: Georgia Repossession Laws

2011-08-10 | The Atlanta bankruptcy lawyers at Clark & Washington provide an overview of Georgia law regarding vehicle repossession.

Field Trip Safeguard Service Expands Nationwide With Unparalleled Field Trip Safety

2011-08-04 | Field Trip Safeguard directly returns separated students to their teacher, while also protecting student's identities, teachers' personal information, and school location. Launches Website to Fight Mechanic Fraud and Offer Advice and Tips to Vehicle Owners

2011-08-02 | New website offers members opportunities to fight mechanic fraud by displaying repair receipts and examine the real cost of auto repairs.

Atlanta Shredding Service Shred-Green Continues to Sponsor the Gwinnett Masters Special Olympics

2011-07-29 | Atlanta document shredding company Shred-Green teams up with the Lilburn Farmers Market to continue its sponsorship of the Gwinnett Masters Special Olympics.

Ethics Sage Offers Free Advice on Workplace Ethics Issues and Conflict Situations

2011-07-10 | I advise about workplace ethics issues under the name, Ethics Sage. You can submit a confidential question on a conflict situation. I will respond within 24 hours and provide insight on how best to solve your problem based on 20 years of experience.

Atlanta Shredding Company Shred-Green Offers Free Business Shredding Event

2011-07-08 | Shred-Green, an Atlanta shredding company, is hosting a free shredding event for area businesses this Saturday, July 9.

Analyst Firm Releases In-Depth Study on ZyLAB eDiscovery System as a Prototype for Removing Bottlenecks in Litigation and Disclosures

2011-07-07 | UN War Crime Tribunal Report includes best practices for CTOs and CIOs involved in Civil eDiscovery

MedWOW Improves Security Through Telephone Verification

2011-06-23 | Committed to providing safety and security in a popular, international online portal environment; MedWOW added telephone verification to its package of eCommerce safeguards for Buyers and Sellers of medical equipment and services.

Atlanta Shredding Company Shred-Green CEO Speaks at Atlanta Area Rotary Club

2011-06-15 | Everett Perkins, president and CEO of Atlanta Shredding company Shred-Green, advises Atlanta business owners on how to protect their businesses from identity theft.

OwnDepot Announces Defend - a Revolutionary Event Marketing Program for Insurance Professionals

2011-05-20 | Defend provides a turnkey process for local insurance agents and brokers to automatically gain access to communication tools and materials in the event of a natural disaster.

Security Expert's "Common Sense" Advice Hits Home as Burglary and Home Invasions Increase in Suburbs and Rural Areas

2011-05-11 | Burglaries and home invasions have increased across the country, especially in suburban and rural areas. Home security expert, Alan Young, offers common sense advice on economical break-in prevention methods, such as EZ Armor door security.