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Citizens Need to Voice Their Concerns to Stop Unfair Credit Card Practices

2008-05-07 | It is becoming more and more obvious that major reform is needed in order to put a halt to the way credit card companies conduct business.

The Benefits Of Filing Bankruptcy .

2008-04-16 | Bankruptcy attorney, Jamie Ryke, of Second Start P.L.L.C., will be a guest panelist on the Fox 2 segment "Lunch Money," on April 16th, at 12:00 PM. Mr. Ryke and other panelists will be discussing the benefits of bankruptcy for those who have been highly affected by the failing Michigan economy.


2008-04-09 | Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles is kicking off its second year providing free repairs to local homeowners. Volunteers are needed Tuesday through Saturday to perform exterior repair services for homeowner families struggling to maintain their homes due to age, illness or income.


2008-04-09 | Commercial Fishing Enthusiast Saves $21,000 and Buys a House

CRS Aerospace Signs Contract for Services in Mexico with The Offshore Group

2008-04-08 | Phoenix, Arizona aerospace manufacturer expands in Mexico.

America's Affordable Alternative to Liability Insurance: If You Don't Have Insurance - Get "HELD HARMLESS"

2008-04-03 | Held Harmless is America's alternative to going without insurance. Today, millions of Americans are living without liability insurance due to its high cost which means they are one lawsuit away from total bankruptcy. Held Harmless shields you from lawsuits before they arise; not after.

Manufacturing in Mexico "Webinar" to be Offered by The Offshore Group

2008-03-31 | Manufacturing executives are invited to attend a free on-line "webinar" that will provide detailed information on installing productive capacity in Mexico.


2008-03-31 | Habitat for Humanity's Act! Speak! Build! Week 2008 empowers young people ages 5 to 25 to make a difference in their communities. Their efforts will be part of a worldwide initiative to educate themselves and their communities about the need for affordable housing and move people to social action.

Learn "The Secrets" that the banks do not want you to know about bankruptcy.

2008-03-25 | Bankruptcy attorney, Jamie Ryke, will be on the air, live, answering listener's bankruptcy questions as they call into radio station 1200 AM WCHB.

The Truth About Bankruptcy

2008-03-16 | Michigan leads the nation in unemployed residents and foreclosure rates. This is no surprise. Michigan also boasts the lowest average salary per household.

Elizabeth Edwards Kicks Off Annual Women's Conference in Atlanta

2008-02-29 | Wind Enterprises Announces Women, Power and Peace Keynotes for 11th Annual Leadership Conference in Atlanta May 1st at the Georgia World Congress Center

Offshore Group Client Company Completes Expansion

2008-01-16 | The Intec Group expands its Mexican manufacturing capacity.

Massage, Facials, Spa Packages: Ideal Last Minute Holiday Gifts from Raleigh, NC to Beverly Hills

2007-12-17 | Massage, Facials, Spa Packages: Ideal Last Minute Holiday Gifts from Raleigh, NC to Beverly Hills. How to Choose the Ideal Spa Gift Certificate.

Mortgage Management Strategies from Equitysmith Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure and Realize a Profit When the Real Estate Market Recovers

2007-12-05 | Innovative Programs Can Provide Sellers with Full Price Offers, Even to Homeowners with Zero Equity and Behind on Payments

Mid-Size Companies a Growing Sector of BPO Market

2007-12-04 | The proven advantages of successful outsourcing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are getting attention.

Brazil Ahead opens office in Manhattan for Portuguese Instruction

2007-11-27 | Brazil's current and potential economic growth indicates that the country will continue to have an increasingly substantial impact on the world economy. Now that says a lot about the importance of learning Portuguese these days.

It May Already Be Too Late for Borrowers with ARMs

2007-11-24 | Timing Is Critical for Borrowers with ARMs That Are Scheduled to Recast or Reset

Professor blames Greenspan for US Economic woes

2007-09-22 | A college professor in Atlanta has blamed Alan Greenspan for the current dire state of the economy. He said the Financial Guru should take responsibility for mismanaging the economy instead of hurling dirt at the Bush adminstration.

Joint Congressional Bill proposed to Take Back America by Election 2008 Candidate Orion Karl Daley

2007-07-31 | Presidential Candidate Orion Karl Daley has proposed in a petition to go to Congress, a joint Congressional Bill for the Economy of Active Representation.Its purpose, to provide accurate representation of the people's will in Congress through online voting.