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The Apothecary of Beauty

2006-03-13 | Grayson's mixes up home-business success. New England handmade natural bath and body line revives women's' skin care treatments of long ago.

Kids come with training manuals - would you like to learn to decode them?

2006-03-03 | Wished your children were born with a training manual? Well they do! The Tax Moms are sponsoring a free weekly workshop to help you learn to decode them.

Give alcoholics hope this Christmas with "Phoenix in a Bottle"

2005-12-13 | The controversial new book "Phoenix in a Bottle" by Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald would make the ideal Christmas present of hope for alcoholics from their friends, relatives and loved ones - say publishers Melrose Books.

Timeshare Adventures Announces the Release of the Timeshare Industry's Largest Interactive Resort Directory

2005-12-11 | Gives Free Access to Relevant Details for Timeshare Vacation Resorts

_b_Unclaimed Money is Being Donated to the Needy for Christmas_/b_

2005-12-02 | _i_The founder of a popular unclaimed money website discovered he is owed unclaimed money and will be donating the money to the less fortunate for Christmas._/i_

A Weblog Can Be a Goldmine! (1)

2005-09-28 | People can change weblogs, these free and simple internet resources, to money making machines. There are only a few easy steps to start making money through weblogs.

Celebrate! ADHD Urges Parents to Adopt-A-Teacher

2005-08-30 | Tragically, most teachers try to change their brightest, most curious students—children with ADHD and Attention Deficit Disorder—with Ritalin rather than changing their teaching styles. Celebrate!ADHD is urging parents to "Adopt-A-Teacher" to improve self-confidence and school performance.

Senior Great Dane Receives 2005 Broadway Barks Hero Award

2005-08-03 | Broadway star, David Hyde-Pierce from Spamalot, presents Hero award to an aging Great Dane in recognition of his work with abused children.


2005-07-15 | African Americans have experienced discrimination by whites in this country for several hundred years, but a new discriminating culprit has come to light - one who is not even a natural U.S. citizen.

Project Drumheller to Send Josiah Schultz to Hunt for Dinosaurs

2005-06-19 | This July, six-year-old Josiah Schultz--a budding young paleontologist--will be traveling to Drumheller, Alberta, the "Dinosaur Capital of the World", thanks to the efforts and collaboration of many people involved with Project Drumheller.

An Epidemic is Arriving at Summer Camp

2005-06-08 | With school just about over, where do the bullies go? They do not disappear, they're off to summer camp. To think these bullies would be different over the summer is wishful thinking. announces the launch of it's Adoption specific portal and search engine. The search engine and portal, is catered to adoption specific information and resources.

2005-03-22 | There are many online adoption related sources, but with the plethora of adoption information on the internet, it is difficult to find those resources specifically related to adoption. is a search engine and portal catering to adoption related information.

ScreamFree(tm) Parenting Offers Solution for Parents With Special Needs Children

2005-01-31 | ScreamFree Parenting Creator Provides Keynote for Families of Children Under Stress (FOCUS). FOCUS says ScreamFree Parenting Program valuable for children with special needs.