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Transform Internet Explorer into a Powerful RSS News Feed Reader

2005-05-26 | Chrysanth NETime Channel 3.0 enables Microsoft Internet Explorer to display RSS, RDF or ATOM XML news feeds as nicely formatted webpage with selectable background themes.

NINJ launches new MP3 Radio Player for mobile phones.

2005-05-19 | NINJ, the innovative Swiss developer of games and applications for mobile phones launches VirtualRadio, a new Radio Player that streams radio stations from all over the world to the handset.

Synchronica Purchases Substantially All Assets of Weblicon Technologies AG

2005-05-14 | Transaction adds a complete SyncML client portfolio and allows Synchronica to present the most comprehensive offering of SyncML technology ranging from mobile data synchronization to device management and firmware updates.

PayKiosks Internet Terminals begins Wireless Internet Kiosk rollout in All American truck stops

2005-05-13 | May 1, 2005 - PayKiosks Internet Terminals completed their first of many wireless (Wi-Fi) installations for the All American group of truck stops and travel plazas. Announces New Infomercials and Virtual Trade Shows - Tops 2,500 Tutorials - Reaches New Pinnacle in Rich Media Technology Insights

2005-05-13 | After years and thousand of hours of development, TECHtionary has now 2,500 rich media animated tutorials on technology. With an estimated five million animation effects, TECHtionary speeds delivery of the knowledge process.

The TECH-Tip is RFID-Radio Frequency IDentification

2005-05-13 | A rich media animated explanation of RFID is available at [url][/url]

Greenlight Wireless Featured in Gartner Wireless Industry Report

2005-05-02 | Greenlight Wireless listed as one of eight "cool" wireless vendors of 2005.


2005-04-29 | Wireless Developer Gains Exclusive Access to Nokia Technical Resources and Business Development Support

DAT Group Agrees to Acquire Synchronica

2005-04-07 | Investment will accelerate development of device management and data synchronization for mobile operators and device manufacturers.

AirNav Systems Releases New Product For Real Time Flight Tracking

2005-04-04 | AirNav Systems announced the release today of a state of the art airline flight tracking software.

Skweezer Integrated into the "Toyota Hub" Telematics Portal

2005-04-04 | Toyota Hub customers can now browse the wireless Web with Skweezer's optimization technology.

AvalonRF Debuts its UAV links with TAGs New Aerial UAV Close Surveillance Capabilities at the 77th Oscars

2005-03-03 | AvalonRF Debuts its 'No Moving Parts" Tracking Antenna Receiver and UAV links with TAGs New Aerial UAV Close Surveillance Capabilities at the 77th Oscars

Call Center News Depot

2005-03-02 | Call Center Depot provides news about leading call centers and related call center technologies.

Getting Ready for VOIP - Don't Get Caught in the Asynchronous Transcoding Chasm

2005-02-21 | There is critical need to understand all the new terms related to VoIP as well as international standards, CODECs, SIP-RTP emerging technologies and new VOIP services.

Tsunami Aid Ringtones - Unwired Appeal launches aid campaign for victims

2005-01-07 | "...a $2.00 Tsunami Aid Ringtone on 10% of USA cell phones...would raise well over $20million for victims of the Asian tsunami disaster"

PR Companies, Journalists and Publishers Heads Up.

2005-01-05 | Press release newswire and distribution Company announce their Mass Media Distribution program which is now available.

Winncom and BridgeWave announce Distribution Alliance;Winncom will offer BridgeWave Gigabit Wireless Products in U.S. and E.Europe

2004-12-08 | BridgeWave and Winncom, a distributor of wireless products, announced that Winncom will distribute BridgeWave gigabit wireless products.

Control Resources announces new AC to DC Power Supply and Fan Speed Control

2004-11-12 | SmartFan Inversion is an innovative fan speed control that combines an AC to DC power supply and a DC fan control/alarm.

FREE T1 Price Quotes For Wal-Mart Vendors

2004-11-05 | announced that it is offering FREE real-time T1 price quotes to Wal-Mart vendors.