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JK Harris Offers Taxpayers Some Valuable Year-end Tips

2008-10-26 | JK Harris and Company Enrolled Agent offers taxpayers some early tax tips to get a jump on the upcoming tax season.

Tough Economy Challenges Stay-At-Home Moms

2008-10-25 | In the face of tough economic times stay at home Moms are turning to the internet for new and enterprising ways to earn income while still meeting the needs of their families. Positioning them as a formidable force in the world of e commerce.

Attorney Wants to Help Consumers Who Have Credit Repair Problems: Offers Back on Track Credit Repair Essay Contest; Winner Receives Free Legal Help

2008-10-17 | The Back on Track Credit Repair Essay Contest -- a nationwide contest where entrants will submit their stories telling why they need the help - will award one winner FREE Legal services to help repair credit problems (value: $1,000).

Grand Opening of San Jose's Newest Luxury Rental Community: Village of Marineo

2008-10-16 | Palm Valley Apartments opens its fourth luxury apartment community during Grand Opening Ceremony.

Roman Shain Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-11 | Mr. Shain an authority on retirement planning and credit management, he assists clients with opening accounts and offers college funds, retirement and financial planning, and credit counseling.

Economic Crisis Spurs Global Expansion

2008-10-06 | With US markets dropping at astonishing rates, expanding to foreign markets has never been more important. 2000Charge offers alternative billing solutions aimed at converting customers from Europe and other parts of the world where credit cards are not the dominant form of payment.

JK Harris Reminds Taxpayers to File for Stimulus Payment

2008-10-05 | JK Harris and Company advises taxpayers of approaching deadline for receiving stimulus payments.

CCDN Helps Consumers Fight Against Debt Collection

2008-10-03 | CCDN believes that the average consumer, who find themselves drowning in debt, deserves a second chance. CCDN believes that given a second chance, these consumers will not fall into the same credit card debt trap again.

VCs and Angel Investors Tackle the Big Question: How Is This Wall Street Fiasco Affecting Early-Stage Investing?

2008-10-01 | At FundingPost's recent NYC Venture Event an optimistic panel of investors gave entrepreneurs insight into the impact of the current financial crisis on raising capital.

Parents Sacrifice Luxuries to Secure Future Funds for Children

2008-10-01 | As financial situations worsen, parents are having to cut back on personal luxuries in order to secure a better future for their children, according to new research out today by Family Investments, the UK's leading Child Trust Fund provider.

The Ukraine Bank that Keeps on Growing

2008-10-01 | Over the last six months the bank's net assets increased by 18%, the growth - typical across the system - being due to the boosted lending.

JK Harris Advises to View First-time Homebuyers Credit as a Loan

2008-09-28 | JK Harris and Company thinks First-time Homebuyers Tax Credit is a good thing for taxpayers.

The Most Powerful Online Marketing System - Introducing the Business In A Box

2008-09-24 | CarbonCopyPro has recently introduced the revolutionary "Business in a Box" or "BIB" for short. The new online marketing system that is turning the network marketing industry upside down. Learn how the "Business in a Box" is teaching members to duplicate the top earners in the industry.

Jeffrey R. Blanco Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-09-21 | With more than 15 years of professional experience, Mr. Blanco is responsible for helping clients reach their goals for retirement through insurance, investment and financial planning.

Cash Homebuying expert SecureASale launches newly revamped website to help clients beat the credit crunch

2008-09-19 | London-based home-buyer SecureASale has recently overhauled its website to help struggling home owners get on top of their finances in these turbulent times.

Family Investments Partners With the Post Office to Provide ISAs

2008-09-13 | Family Investments today announced an exclusive partnership with Post Office Financial Services to provide its customers with both cash and stocks and shares ISAs which are now available via its 13,000 strong branch network and via the Post Office website.

JK Harris' Peter Hukki Attends Advanced Taxpayer Representation Forum

2008-09-12 | JK Harris Enrolled Agent learns from conference on Advanced Taxpayer Representation and IRS Procedure.

JK Harris' Charlie Jones raises identity theft awareness

2008-09-07 | Identity theft is a growing problem. And JK Harris and Company wants everyone to be aware ot the dangers.

Majority of people still don't save on holiday spending

2008-09-06 | With a recession looming many are looking for new ways to cut back the cost's of living. This however seems to have not affected holiday expenditure.

Foreclosure's Orphans: Homeowners Not the Only Ones Left Without Homes

2008-09-05 | When foreclosure forces a family to leave their home, sometimes they are faced with making a decision about caring for their pet as well. Some may not be able to cover the cost of caring for the pet and others may be moving into another living situation that does not allow pets.