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JK Harris recommends answering IRS correspondence promptly

2008-04-18 | JK Harris and Company says it's a good idea to respond to any IRS notices sent to taxpayers.

The Benefits Of Filing Bankruptcy .

2008-04-16 | Bankruptcy attorney, Jamie Ryke, of Second Start P.L.L.C., will be a guest panelist on the Fox 2 segment "Lunch Money," on April 16th, at 12:00 PM. Mr. Ryke and other panelists will be discussing the benefits of bankruptcy for those who have been highly affected by the failing Michigan economy.

Duane Salter; Mr. Fast Money Builder, Joins The 500k Big Ticket To Wealth Team

2008-04-09 | DUANE SALTER aka Mr. Fast Money Builder, JOINS and brings to the Table over 21 years Direct Sales and Business & Internet Marketing Experience Partnered up with Randal Williams aka 500KMentor the founder of the 500K Big Ticket to Wealth team who is a Top Money Earner, Industry Leader.

Loans? Why borrow, Get the cash you need quick

2008-04-08 | Get the cash you need quick!! Generate the cash you need without getting a loan. This cash making business has made 100's of people 1k to 4k not just a week but a day!

American Debt Enders Expands Referral Services To Include Bad Credit Car Loans and Secured Credit Cards.

2008-04-04 | Expanded services are essental for helping those needing debt relief and an ability to rejoin the world of wise users of credit.

America's Affordable Alternative to Liability Insurance: If You Don't Have Insurance - Get "HELD HARMLESS"

2008-04-03 | Held Harmless is America's alternative to going without insurance. Today, millions of Americans are living without liability insurance due to its high cost which means they are one lawsuit away from total bankruptcy. Held Harmless shields you from lawsuits before they arise; not after.

JK Harris helps retired truckers take the road away from tax troubles

2008-03-27 | JK Harris and Company puts Texas couple on the road to tax freedom by placing them in "Currently Non Collectible" status with the IRS.

Learn "The Secrets" that the banks do not want you to know about bankruptcy.

2008-03-25 | Bankruptcy attorney, Jamie Ryke, will be on the air, live, answering listener's bankruptcy questions as they call into radio station 1200 AM WCHB.

JK Harris offers advice to misclassified employees

2008-03-20 | JK Harris and Company advises that IRS has a new form for employees who were misclassified as independent contractors.

The Truth About Bankruptcy

2008-03-16 | Michigan leads the nation in unemployed residents and foreclosure rates. This is no surprise. Michigan also boasts the lowest average salary per household.

JK Harris' Rivera speaks out on child and dependent care credit

2008-03-16 | JK Harris and Company Enrolled Agent reminds taxpayers they may be eligible for the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit.

JK Harris' Bauman Calls Debt Relief Act "a lifesaver"

2008-03-14 | JK Harris and Company sees Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act as a lifesaver for taxpayers with foreclosures.

Smart Savings Choices to "Fit" Your Lifestyle from Citizens Financial Group

2008-02-29 | Citizens Financial Group (CFG) offers enhanced online banking tools to enable you to personalize your accounts and Internet banking preferences to "fit" your lifestyle.

American Mortgage Lending, Inc. Receives Award

2008-02-25 | American Mortgage Lending has generated over $2 million dollars in 100% Guaranteed loans, assisting Rural Development to serve 24 families "Achieve the Dream" of homeownership. Laure Feld, President, has risen above the masses in providing superior service to her Clients.

JK Harris helps North Carolina woman get relief from defaulted student loans

2008-02-03 | JK Harris and Company ends North Carolina woman's wage garnishment and gets her back on track with her student loan.

New Year, New from AmTrust Bank

2008-01-30 | AmTrust Bank announces it has successfully completed resolution #1 for 2008 - the launch of a completely refreshed

Tips to Reduce Post-Holiday Debt from Citizens Financial Group

2008-01-30 | The holidays are a festive time of year, but often spending goes unchecked and can potentially lead to troublesome financial situations. Start the year on solid financial ground with helpful tips from Citizens Financial Group.

Secrets of Mortgage Lending (the eBook) The Inner Workings and Hidden Data of the Mortgage Lending Business

2008-01-28 | Adrian Skiles, GML, a mortgage broker with over 20 years in the mortgage business, has written an impressive eBook titled "Secrets of Mortgage Lending." This is a ground-breaking insider chronicle revealing the hidden data and practices of the mortgage lending industry.

Citizens Bank offers holiday shopping and spending tips for consumers

2007-12-21 | Citizens Bank is offering spending and budgeting tips for consumers during the busy holiday shopping season.

More Bad News For The UK Mortgage Industry

2007-12-17 | UK mortgage lenders accused of negligence, further house price falls forecasted for 2008 and a national TV programme connects 70% of repossessions with sub-prime lenders.