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Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

2006-04-17 | Workshop for Teenage Girls Creates Effective and Successful Communication

SeeFile Introduces Software For Ordering Prints and Images Online

2006-04-08 | --New eCommerce Module for SeeFile 2.0 --Allows photographers to price and sell images and prints --New shopping cart feature lets customers buy prints or images instantly --No uploads or service provider required; runs from photographer's computer -- for details call SeeFile at 617-262-2464


2006-03-20 | Charlie Goodwin's current body of work represents a new avenue of exploration for this veteran artist, a departure from all that has gone before. For more than thirty years, Goodwin has drawn his inspiration from the 'subject,' and now, suddenly, he is working entirely in the abstract.

Indian American film ARYA reaching places

2006-03-19 | It is not common for Indian movies or Indian American movies to get the kind of worldwide distribution that this film is getting.

Passion For Paintings expands its oil painting collection to over 200,000!

2006-03-16 | Passion For Paintings creates gorgeous, hand-painted oil painting reproductions. We've now expanded our oil painting selection to over 200,000 paintings with over 10,000 artists.

Here's a Body: Get Over It

2006-03-01 | This is interactive performance art at a very basic level. Eschewing the opacity and gimmickry often associated with contemporary art, Human Body Project 44 gets right to the point. Passes Overstock and Sets Sights on Industry Leader

2006-02-23 | is wrestling for position with, for the first time since opening their doors, a little over a year ago.

European Raw Art collaboration

2006-01-03 | Established Raw Self-taught artists, Piers Midwinter and Franco Meloni work together to create exciting exhibitions of raw art in Italy and Spain.

Raw Arts Festival - Valencia 2006

2005-12-19 | Spain's first non-mainstream arts festival

Prominent Israeli Sculptress, Razia Gershon, debuts her private Bronze collection online (

2005-11-03 | Prominent Israeli sculptress debuts her online fine art bronze gallery. Razia Gershon created and presented bronze portraits to world leaders included in the site are personal thank you letters from Bill Clinton, Shimon Peres and the late King Hussein.


2005-10-29 | The Ivory-billed Woodpecker Conservation Stamp and Print Program

Martha Angus, one of California's Finest Designers, views holiday decorating as an art in California Home and Design's November 2005 issue.

2005-10-19 | Inspired by Modern art and antiques, Martha transforms her residence into a cheerful, modern winter retreat in November's 2005 California Home and Design issue.

Asta Arts Fills the Rubber Stamp Void for Hip Young "Craftsters"

2005-09-30 | Crafty young hipsters embrace saccharine-free stamp designs from fellow DIY craft addict.

Rubber Stamp Artist Prefers Tattoos to Teddy Bears

2005-09-20 | Rubber stamp artist Nicole Yost designs left-of-center art rubber stamps that feature skulls and crossbones, pinup girls, retro tattoo designs and other hip images.

Photography Contest Casts Spotlight on Sharing

2005-09-19 | PhotoActive DVD is Offering Free DVD Mastering Projects for Contest Winners

Latino Cartoonists Team Up for Hispanic Heritage Month

2005-09-14 | More details and art at under news releases. Request accompanying art by emailing [email protected] or calling Kathie Kerr at 816-360-6945.

Exciting new novel set in the ancient Roman Republic - adventure, fights, thrills, romance and plenty of action (for 18+ audiences)

2005-07-03 | First novel in a series titled "Barbarians in the Republic" is now available as an ebook!(ebooks on and This is not a dry history book but an exciting, adventurous work of fiction that will be certain to enthrall readers throughout its 400+ pg length.

Christopher Flach, Photographer is featured at the SOMARTS Cultural Center in San Francisco

2005-06-30 | SOMARTS and ArtworksSF features Christopher Flach, photographer.

Christopher Flach photographic portfolio is featured on the Polaroid creative website: featured photographer

2005-06-30 | Christopher Flach, artist has been using Polaroid instant film for more than 25 years for fine art, self expression, and to push the envelope of creativity and experimentation. His work is seen on the Presents "Eye Of The Beholder" Art Show

2005-05-09 | Twice a year the commercial enterprise transforms itself into an art gallery.