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Parents Reticent to Discuss Christmas With the Grandparents

2008-12-01 | Despite the current economic crisis, grandparents are set to spend 50 on average per grandchild at Christmas.

Global Economic Crisis Behind High Return Online Business

2008-11-24 | Tens Of Thousands Flock To Network Marketing For Job Security

UK Businesses Feeling the Credit Pinch

2008-11-23 | One in five UK accountants have confirmed that their clients have been refused credit or had funding restrictions imposed in the light of the credit crunch.

JK Harris Reminds Taxpayers of Changes for Upcoming Tax Season

2008-11-23 | Tax season is coming soon, and JK Harris and Company wants to make taxpayers aware of changes that may affect them.

Virgin Money is Urging People to Improve Home Security

2008-11-22 | Virgin Money warns that plans to stop sending burglars to jail risks increasing householders' fear of crime and may prompt more people to take the law into their own hands, despite the recent drop in burglaries.

JK Harris Advises Taxpayers Looking for Refund to Tell IRS of Address Changes

2008-11-20 | JK Harris and Company strongly advises taxpayers who have recently moved to tell the IRS or they may not receive their due refund and/or stimulus checks.

To Sell Timeshare in US: Target Worldwide Timeshare Buyers

2008-11-15 | Timeshares Only is the world's largest timeshare resale marketplace. Through cooperative advertising, Timeshares Only makes it possible for timeshare buyers, sellers and renters to connect around the World.

Florida Reverse Mortgage Lender Works to Help Seniors Reduce or Eliminate Tax Burden When Receiving Proceeds from Reverse Mortgage

2008-11-13 | Florida Reverse Mortgage Specialist has taken it upon himself to help seniors reduce or eliminate the mortgage taxes that are being charge to seniors when they receive proceeds from their Reverse Mortgage.

New Property Investment Opportunity in Brazil

2008-11-12 |, the leading international property portal, announces a number of new properties in Brazil

Is There Still Such a Thing as Good Debt in this Economy?

2008-11-09 | The 3 Secret Pillars of Wealth: How to Crack Your Wealth Code Using the Tools of the Self-made Billionaires

2008 Study Ranks as a Top Shopping Rewards Web Site for the Second Year in a Row; "Outstanding Program" is Great News for the Growing Number of Holiday Shoppers Seeking Savings Online

2008-11-07 | The fifth annual study of online shopping reward programs, authored by consumer advocate Becky Ford, ranked among the top three sites for the second year in a row. That's great news for shoppers seeking to save money on holiday gifts in a tight economy.

Free Credit Report Resources Has Grand Opening

2008-11-03 | A comprehensive, informational site directed toward various age groups with information that can help them develop, manage, and repair their credit. The Website is free and there is also a free E-book to download.

The Baby Bounce - Mothers Drop the Ball on Pensions Savings

2008-10-30 | The Scottish Widows Women and Pensions Report "What Women Think"*, now in its fourth year reveals that while the nation is beginning to save more, women are still falling far short of men.

MasterGuard Fire Safety Solutions Home Improvement Sweepstakes Winner Announced

2008-10-29 | MasterGuard awards annual winners for Sweepstakes Promotions

Eco-Cheap is In - A Green Frugality is Sweeping the Country

2008-10-29 | The era of mindless prosperity is over and a time of thrift is upon us. Times are tough and people need to budget but where do they start? Eco-chic is out and eco-cheap is in. Living a green lifestyle could be the answer to saving money and the planet.

New Property Investment Opportunity in Nikki Beach - Spain

2008-10-29 |, the leading international property portal, announces a number of new properties near Nikki Beach

UK Businesses Need to Get Savings Savvy in Current Economic Climate

2008-10-26 | With the difficult economic conditions persisting, Standard Life Bank is urging UK businesses to be savvier with their hard earned savings, following research that businesses are potentially missing out on significant interest payments by not using a business savings account.

JK Harris Offers Taxpayers Some Valuable Year-end Tips

2008-10-26 | JK Harris and Company Enrolled Agent offers taxpayers some early tax tips to get a jump on the upcoming tax season.

Tough Economy Challenges Stay-At-Home Moms

2008-10-25 | In the face of tough economic times stay at home Moms are turning to the internet for new and enterprising ways to earn income while still meeting the needs of their families. Positioning them as a formidable force in the world of e commerce. Featured in TV Segment "Using the Internet to Save Families Money"

2008-10-22 | The producers of Today's Family, an innovative, educational television series, are pleased to announce that they will feature GoGoShopper in a segment on "Using the Internet to Save Families Money" as part of the show's series on "Focus on Business Series".